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rook and conch piercing stories

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I decided I wanted to get my rook pierced way before I actually got

it done. That particular part of my ear struck me as very unusual and a great place to put an earring. I didn't look it up on the internet because I was so excited about getting it I didn't even think about looking it up.

Living in NYC there aren't many places a minor can get pierced

without an ID, which I being 16 did not have. Nevertheless, I was determined to get this pierced and I wasn't about to give up or let that stop me.

On December 31st, I was shopping around the East Village in NYC and I

decided that now was the time to get pierced. I was walking along 6th street when my eyes became fixed upon a surprisingly clean-looking body piercing shop. I curiously walked inside and asked, "can I get this thing pierced," pointing to the hard ridge. The lovely looking asian woman said, "of course," and had me fill out a form. So I filled the form out, truthfully, except for the age. I just stuck 18 in there and the woman didn't ask me any questions. The woman then started to tell me how to take care of it, but I wasn't paying her any attention because I was so excited. She then pointed me to the asian man standing next to a chair and I walked over. He asked what I was getting done and I said, "this," pointing to the ridge. The man said, "ok," and motioned me to sit down.

At this point I was extremely nervous and happy, so much that I

didn't notice the man was marking the spot and cleaning my ear. Within seconds he was done cleaning and stuck the needle in my ear. I didn't scream but it did hurt A LOT! He then painlessly put the ring through and clasped the ball onto it. He said, "that's it, you're all done." Amazed, I looked at it in the mirror. It looked great, I was very happy with it dispite the throbbing.

My friend's and I decided to head home.  We walked to the subway

station, which was very close to the shop, paid our tokens and got on the train. I then started to feel queasy and my friend's asked, "are you ok?" I replied, "no," and layed my head down on my friend's shoulder. My hearing had begun to fade and my sight started to get fuzzy.

Within a matter of seconds I couldn't see or hear anything. My friend's got me off of the train and I slowly started to regain consiousness. Then my hearing and sight started to come back. All I could hear was a loud continuous scream-like sound and everything looked like a black and green T.V. reception. I soon recovered and did not black out again after that.

While healing, there was a great amount of discharge and the area

became swollen and red. After four months it's basically healed except the area is still a little big and red and there is no discharge.

After getting my rook pierced I became fascinated by ear piercings.

I looked it up on the internet and came across the BME website, where I learned the name of my piercing and much about other ear piercings.

A friend of mine, who has her tragus pierced, lost her ring, so I

bought her one for her birthday. Little did I know that the ring was too big (size, not gauge) so I saved the ring for future use and bought her a smaller one.

While walking around the village on April 6th, I decided that I

wanted to get my inner conch pierced with the ring I had saved. I had been putting it off all day because I knew it would hurt from my rook experience. I finally talked myself into getting it done and went back to the same body piercing shop I had gone to for my rook.

The same asian man was there and I went up to him and said "can I get

an inner conch right about here? I have the ring for it," pointing to a part of my inner conch. The man looked at my ear and then looked at the ring I handed him and said, "Sure." I filled out the form again putting 18 for the age and paid the $25 for the piercing.

The man escorted me over to the chair and told me to lay back.  I was

very nervous because I figured it would hurt more than the rook since the inner conch was thicker. I paid attention to everything the man was doing and it seemed like it took ages for him to mark the spot and clean my ear. Soon enough I heard the familiar crunch of cartilage being pierced but this time it did not hurt at all. The man slipped the ring through and tightened the ball and said, "you're all done." I then looked at it in the mirror and thought it looked great. I'm very happy I got this one done.

Only a few days into the after care, there is a reasonal amount of

discharge. I ran out of bactine so I mixed some salt and water. I put it all around my ear and the salt leaked into the hole and burned it. I was tearing at the pain, I'd say that alone hurt more than getting my rook pierced. Dispite all that, it's healing rather well and I can't wait to get more. I plan on getting a helix and tragus in both ears and a daith and an inner conch in my right ear.

-Amanda :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Ear Piercing

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