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my piercing stories

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I am nineteen years old going on twenty and I have fourteen piercings. I guess my fetish started at the young age of three when my parents had my lobes pierced at the mall. Kinda funny how they dug themselves a hole. My next piercing was to come at the age of seventeen. I was in London and originally wanted a tattoo. After asking many counter culture people we where directed to the famous Metal Morphisis in the Soho district of London. I was there with about four kids in my group but one was not on the list to get pierced. My best friend got her labret pierced...it seamed like an easy piercing. She didn't suffer much pain and the piercer was awesome. So I decided to get my helix pierced. The other kid that was with us decided on the same piercing. I was sat onto the doctor like chair (so familiar to us who like to get pierced) and I choose a 14 gauge captive ball ring. He pulled the ring out of a pile of jewelry. By this time I could hear myself babbling to my friend about nothing and everything...the shock of the piercing had just set in. The man approached me with the needle and set it against my cartilage. I wasn't scared anymore...I knew that it was going to hurt and that made me feel better. I would rather know the exact feeling I was going to have. He told me to breathe in and as I breathed out he pierced me. I really did hear a crunch...I didn't believe it when people said it crunched! There was a little blood and it was uncomfortable when he slipped the ring in. Other than that there was little pain. The pain came after. Since we where on a trip cleaning was hard. We woke up early and where always on the move. Metal Morphisis has a cleaning solution that they sell so we used that. I cleaned with antibacterial soap in the shower and everything healed well. I think the most painful thing was sleeping...because I always seamed to want to sleep on that side.

Just two short weeks of coming home I went and got a small tattoo of a butterfly on the small of my back. This had me content for a few months. I got my belly button pierced. I really have nothing to share with that piercing. It is so common and I have nothing interesting or different to share. I then had my heart set on getting my inner conch pierced. This is where I met my current piercer Dustin at Blue Boutique in Salt Lake City. The first thing I think of when I think of Dustin is all of his piercings. This helps me to trust him. So anyway we chose a 14 gauge captive ball ring for this piercing too. It matched the helix piercing well. I have never had to make an appointment for my piercings or tattoos so obviously I walked right in. His chair was much funkier than the previous one I had seen at Metal Morphisis. It is purple and has mass glitter on it. I love it...it seams so happy. I sat down on the chair and he prepared his tray with all the piercing necessities. Clamps, needles, marking ink and a toothpick, and all the other goodies. He decided to pierce me at a 12 gauge because it is nicer in the healing process. He then marked my conch in the place where he thought the ring would sit the best. I agreed. He had me lay down on my side. He then tried to clamp my ear the best that he could. This was obviously a task because of the way the ear is shaped. Then he put the needle against my ear and told me to breathe. When he thought I had enough air he told me to exhale. At this time he pushed the needle through. I believe my cartilage was tougher than he expected because his hands where shaking. He left the needle in for a few minutes...let me smile and got me to laugh. I wasn't in pain or nervous...but he seamed to think I was. He then removed the needle and slid the ring in. Because the piercing was a gauge larger than the ring there was a lot of blood. I must have laid there for quite a while with gauze against my ear. This gave him a chance to go over cleaning instructions and after care...these seam like words from the good book now. I got up and I was fine. I think I was more nervous after word because Dustin was being so nice. He then told me that he was getting his conches pierced at a 4 gauge that night...and I understood everything.

This piercing took about four months to heal...and about that long to stop hurting. Cleaning of this piercing was hard too because of the pain involved. I have found that the easiest time to clean is in the shower.

After about 4 months I decided it was time to get the helix in my other ear pierced. I was nervous from this because of all the pain involved with the conch piercing I had just barely recovered from. I went to a place called Koi and walked right into the piercing studio. The people where very nice and the place was clean. I would like to commend this place for there range of jewelry. It like Disneyland for me when I go there. Moving on...I was sitting up for this piercing I decided to have this pierced at a 12 gauge. I planned on tapering the rest of my pairings to this gauge. Unlike Dustin he decided to pierce this at the same gauge as the ring (I would regret this later). He clamped my ear and pushed the needle in. He didn't really watch my breathing. He figured I knew what to expect so he just got the pierce done with. I respect that. He slipped the ring in and sent me on my way. Cleaning was standard but the healing of this one was horrible. Its been about a year and this piercing is still annoying. I believe it was because he didn't pierce it at a gauge higher. shrug I lived. I tapered my other helix and my inner conch to a 12 gauge after this.

I then got three lobe piercing at the mall. (stupid I know) They all healed perfectly and left me craving more. I decided it was time for my tongue. After my last experience I went straight back to Dustin. I brought my best friend who wanted the same thing. We chose 12 gauge barbells for our piercing. Because I had more piercings she made me go first. I wish she would have done as well as me. The most difficult thing about this piercing was choosing the place for the barbell. After much consideration we chose a perfect place. I sat on the end of the familiar table and rinsed with listerine. Ugh. I think this is the worst thing I have ever had to do. It numbed my mouth totally. Dustin clamped my tongue and put the needle to the top of my tongue. He asked me to breathe in and then pierced me as I breathed out. There was no blood although I did drool a little bit. It was rather fun to have an excuse to drool all over the place. Anyway. My friend got hers done too...the same procedure except she tried to pull her tongue in after Dustin had inserted the needle. She pulled her muscle and caused much discomfort for the rest of her healing experience. I felt sorry for her. I suggest salt water for the healing of this piercing. Watered down listerine for after food but salt water for the rest of the time. This piercing is fun. I have had no complaints and I have played in many situations with it wink. After that experience I decided it was time for my nipples. I brought one of my best male friends for this. I went to Dustin yet again. We chose 12 gauge captive ball rings for these piercings. We went back into his room and he told me to strip. I felt a little uncomfortable at first but then swallowed my pride and got ready for what was going to happen to me. He washed off my nipples with iodine. He then marked my nipples and asked if the markings where ok. I had my friend look and we both agreed that they where perfect. He then had me lay down. He pierced these at the same gauge as the jewelry. He was going to pierce my left nipple first...now more commonly called "lefty". My friend went on my right side and Dustin was on my left...its strange having two men hovering over your chest at the same time. Anyway. Dustin clamped the nipple...this was uncomfortable. He then put the needle to the skin and accidentally broke through the skin a little bit...skipping half of the breathing procedure he then pierced at my next exhale. It took only seconds but caused soooo much pain. He then switched sides with my friend and did the same procedure. It seams that "righty" nipple took longer than "lefty". Ugh. I can't begin to explain how much this all hurt. After care is simple. Just soap and salt water. I was attacked by crusties though....NEVER ROTATE THE RING WHEN THERE ARE CRUSTIES ON THE RINGS. Ugh. That's the best advice I have for this piercing. It is the most painful thing I have felt. Advise for girlies too is wear sports bras...specially at night. They are now healed and are a fun piercing too wink.

My next piercings are more complex. I don't know of a technical name for this place so I will just explain it. I believe it would be called my lower inner conch. Its the cartilage behind the lobes at the bottom of the conch. I decided I wanted barbells for this. I went back to Dustin (again). He suggested 12 gauge barbells. I decided that was big enough because he was going to pierce them with 10 gauge needles. He explained that this was going to be the most painful piercings I was going to have. I agreed. We went back into the room and I asked some questions about allergies to metals. I decided that I was just babbling and asked him to continue getting ready for the procedure. He pulled out all the piercing goodies and I found myself to be most nervous. I don't believe I was ever this scared for a piercing. I breathed deeply the whole time. I thought I was going to pass out. I think its great to have a piercer though because he knew exactly what to say and do to make me feel better about it. I laid down. He couldn't clamp this because of the position in the ear. So he marked it. I trust him totally and because I couldn't see the markings I told him to go on. I decided that the easiest way to do this piercing was to have him "dig in" first. So he pushed the needle in through the skin and a bit of the cartilage...then I told him to go on. The cartilage is thick here and hard, so it took him quite a while to do this piercing. All I really felt was pressure on my ear. He put the barbell in. Not too much pain with this. There wasn't as much blood as I expected...I was remembering the conch piercing. Dustin then did the other side. Just the same as the other. This piercing was tender for about three days. Now it only hurts when they are tugged on or when I get my ears hit. I am only cleaning this in the shower and I am using salt water to help it heal. About three weeks ago I went on a taper fest. My ears are now at a 6 gauge. I love it. Last night I went back to Dustin and got my conch gauged to an 8. OUCH!!!! ugh...I feel like it just got pierced again. I plan on tapering my helix's to a 10 soon. Some where in my story I went and got the tattoo on the small of my back finished...no big deal.

Now that the technical stuff is done I can get to the personal matters. I believe that my first helix piercing was a direct defiance to my parents. I live a rather sheltered life with very conservative parents. All my siblings are grown up...so I guess you could say I am an only child. I was sent on a trip to Europe and that was pretty much the first thing I did alone. I love this piercing more for a personal reason than an aesthetic reason. Although it does look good. One by one all my other piercing follow in this ones foot steps. I haven't taken any of them out and I don't plan on it. I am actually thinking about getting my labet pierced soon. I would have to find a new place to live though. Some of my piercing are strange and I thought about ever one of them for quite a while before I got them. Never be rushed or pressured into a piercing...its to painful. I think one of the most important things about my piercing is trusting my piercer. Trust runs hand in hand with body modifications...there are so many things that can go wrong. I feel lucky to have avoided keloids and infection. I believe I have pushed my healing to the limits and have done well.


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on: 01 May 1999
in Ear Piercing

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