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Well here is a story of how I got my nine body piercings, I'm almost 23, and when I turned 18, a few weeks after my birthday, I decided to get the bog standard ear piercing.

I was living in Portsmouth in the UK at the time and went to all the piercing clinics I could find in the phone book, I talked with the piercers and looked at the jewellery and found out how some of the procedures were done. I finally settled on my opinion to be the best piercing clinic of the 5 available, this was Determination in Fawcett Road, Portsmouth. I talked with Pete (the piercer) a little more about the more exotic piercings just incase I decided to get any at a later stage (which I did), I finally said I would just have my right ear done once for now, and think about others at a later date, so Pete showed me jewellery I could choose from, and I picked a standard size Stainless Steel stud.

He showed me the piercing gun and where the jewellery would go, and showed me the sealed packet which the jewellery was in, and opened in full view of me and installed the stud in the gun. He then marked my ear with a pen and showed me a mirror to see if I was happy with the placement, I said "yes" and he went ahead a lined up the gun, He asked if I was ready and I said "yes" again, and I heard a loud click, and a nice warm sensation on my ear, and Pete said "all finished", I said "you've got to be joking", he got the mirror again to prove that he had done it, and I was so pleased, about 2 weeks after I went back and had the other side done, and about 1 month after that, had 2 more (1 in each ear). I have since changed the jewellery to 2.6mm rings with "barbedwire" inserts instead of balls.

[Note: even if the jewelry is sterile, the piercing gun probably isn't and can easily pass Hepatitis from person to person - Shannon]

After my ears, I decided I wanted a piercing with a bit more "IN YOUR FACE" value to it, so after some discussion with some friends whom I met through going to Determination, and talking to Pete, I decided to get a Septum piercing.

I was still living at home with my parents at the time, and they did not like my ear piercings, so to stop me getting more hassle when I went home that day, I asked Pete if he could put a "keeper" in the piercing instead of a ring or spike/tusk.

Again he showed me the style of "keepers" he had in stock and a choose a "U" shaped one, my nose was at first cleaned with some strange smelling stuff that made my eyes water quite a bit, and Pete then marked the entry/exit hole for the piercing. I saw Pete take out of this blue coloured liquid a pair of clamps and he wiped them clean of the blue stuff and got a needle out of the glass cabinet, and showed me it was sealed and opened it in front of me like he had with the stud for my ear.

He then clamped my nose, which again made my eyes water, and I closed my eyes real tight to try and stop the watering. Pete was explaining to me the whole way through about the cleaning procedure and how long the typical healing would take, and to come back in about 5 days just to see how it was doing, at this point Pete asked me If I was ready, and I replied "ready as I'll ever be", still with my eyes tightly shut, I felt something that was like someone flicking my nose quite hard, and my eyes just started streaming like Niagara Falls, Pete placed the "keeper" and gave a tissue to wipe my eyes and nose with, after about 10 - 15mins my eyes finally stopped watering, I looked at the tissue I cleaned my nose with and was surprised to see no blood, Pete then said to me "that I had the straightest septum he'd ever pierced", which made me feel quite special at the time.

I have since left home and now live in Southampton, I now wear a 3.2mm semi-circular barbell in my Septum.

About a year after that I thought that a genital piercing might be fun, as one on my ex-boyfriends had a P.A, I liked the look of that, but I didn't think that was "me" at the time. I had a look through the photo albums in Determination and also some of the magazines, and thought a scrotal piercing would be good as there are not many nerves there (so less pain for me), I made an appointment with Pete for a couple of days later, (I couldn't wait).

The day arrived for my appointment, and I made my way to the shop and waited around a few minutes while Pete was finishing up with the previous customer, I looked around the shop, and some fetish clothing and some jewellery looking at what I might like in my soon to be new piercing. Pete asked me to come through to the studio at the back of the shop, and asked me to take down my trousers and underwear and hop-up on the chair (that's easier said than done with your trousers down), Peter was surprised to see that I didn't wear underwear, but It didn't bother him, He asked me where I would like the piercing done and I showed him roughly where, he made the mark with the pen for the entry/exit holes and plotted a route round a vein which happen to intersect the area, Pete said it wouldn't be a problem. He was having trouble with some pubic hair in the area, and I suggested to Pete that he could cut it, he then got these tiny little scissors and cut about six or so hairs so he could get in the area better. Pete then sprayed me with this numbing agent and I almost jumped about 50 feet in the air, It was so cold, (cold and genitals don't mix very well) after about 10 mins I leaned back in the chair a looked at the ceiling when Pete indicated he was ready to "stick the needle in", I felt a small pinch but it wasn't pain as such, I can't really describe it but I didn't hurt, I looked down to see Pete putting in the ball of the CBR ring and I was really pleased with myself.

It became quite an attraction with friends, I would get my "tackle" out no matter what and show people even if I didn't know them (I just wanted to show off). Around Aug - Sep of 1998 I got a second scrotal piercing just underneath the first, so I have a 2 step ladder, the first ring has now been stretched to 3.2mm and the second ring is still at the initial size of 1.2mm.

And between getting the first and second scrotal piercing I got a tongue piercing in Jan '98. All over the Xmas period and the first week of Jan I had been thinking about getting my tongue done. After the New Year had got off to a start and Determination opened it's doors again, I went down there on the off change they could "fit me in", luckily for me they could, I sat myself in the chair I had become familiar with over the past couple of years while get ing my various piercings done, Pete asked me to stick my tongue out as far as I could, I complied with his request and he dabbed tissue on my tongue to get rid of excess spit and asked me if I'd like a standard piercing or one at the front of the tongue, I chose a standard style, and he marked the area with the pen on the top and bottom of my tongue.

He sprayed the same stuff on my tongue has he had with my scrotal piercing, and believe me it does not taste good, and it sort of tingled while warming my tongue, I had a big wad of tissue to catch all the spit I was dribbling due to having my tongue numbed, after about 5 mins he sprayed some more on, and changed my tissue for a dry wad. After a further 5 mins I was asked if was ready, I nodded as I couldn't really say much, so he clamped my tongue which I felt, and was worried about, I thought if I can feel that I defiantly gonna feel the needle, and I think I started sweating with anxiety of the pain. I closed my eyes again, and I again nodded that I was ready, I took a really deep breath and I experienced what I can only describe as what felt like biting my tongue. At that point I opened my eyes to see the piece of plastic sticking out of my tongue, and Pete getting the barbell from the side, and placing it in the hole in my tongue. I was shaky on my feet for a few minutes, and Pete gave me several drinks of water to swill round my mouth and spit out, to get rid of any blood or tissue in my mouth. And I went a sat in the shop for about 30mins, just getting used to the feeling of having something in my mouth, after the next customer had come out, I was talking ok, and finding it difficult to swallow, but Pete assured me this would pass in a few hours. I was told to come back in 5 days to have jewellery changed to a smaller size.

I was quite surprised to find that the next day I managed to eat a Tuna Salad sandwich (it took me an hour but I did it). the day after that, I was eating like nothing had happened, I went to Pete and said is it normal for People to heal this quickly and he said not usually but sometimes, you must just have a really fast metabolism.

I last but not least, in Nov - Dec '98 I got my last piercing for now the labret, this was a spur of the moment piercing, I had taken a friend to see Pete about getting his nipple pierced, and Peter said to me jokingly, It's about you had another one isn't it Mark, I laughed and said "yeah I suppose so, you free?", I decided in those few seconds if Pete said yes I'd get my labret piercing, Pete did say yes.

While my friend was standing behind me, Pete did the usual marking of the entry/exit holes on my lip and asked if I'd like a ring or stud, I chose stud, Pete then sprayed me with that numbing stuff and waited about 5 mins, while he explaining about cleaning and eating a stuff that is common with labret piercings (as he has one himself). He took the needle showed it to everyone that it was sealed (the usual routine) and clamped my lip quite hard, and I just felt a gentle tug on my lip and the piercing was done, little pair of pliers to hold the bar while screwing on the ball, and hey-presto yet another hole I was not born with. Since then I had tried a ring in the piercing but it gave me mouth ulcers where the ring moved from side to side while eating and talking, so I changed back to a stud.

It's now April '99 and I'm going to get all my jewellery changed over soon, as I'm getting bored with it, maybe stretch a few up a size, and also if I can afford it at the same time get my P.A done. But that's another story I'll tell when it happens.


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on: 01 May 1999
in Ear Piercing

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