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BAD Catilige piercing...

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I would like to start by saying that this was in NO way the piercer's fault. He did a wonderful job given what happened. I'm apprenticing under him at the moment, and he's one of the best I've seen. He did everything he was supposed to do, and stayed very calm. I just hope I can do the same when on the other end of the needle.

It was my first day of appreticing (I won't name the store, so they won't lose buisness over this... IT WASN'T THEIR FAULT). The day started slow, and I had an extra ring. My girlfriend has one of my old earrings in her lip, and I had her old lip ring with me. It's a 14g 3/8" titainium CBB. I wanted to put it in my ear to make a nice little match for the both of us. I filled out the normal paperwork, nothing special. It was the 7th time I've done this (the others for my 2 left lobe, 2 navel rings, Prince Albert, and hafada).

I went back to Mike, and he took the ring. He showed me the proper cleaning for jewelry at this point. He also told me that since the ring had been in someone else, he'd have to throw it in the autoclave instead of just soaking in a certian chemical (I can't remember the name offhand). I waited while one guy had new nipple rings put in, then it was my turn to go back.

I sat in the familiar chair and began to TRY to relax. I have to say, the idea of piercing the tough cartilige scared me slightly. I wasn't too sure of the pain level, and was hoping for the best. We went about choosing placement. This one I wanted in my right ear. I also wanted it where the inner conch, and outer rim come together towards the outside and middle of the ear (can you picture that? I might have pics soon). He made his marks and got ready. After seeing where I wanted it, Mike opted not to use clams, but to use a recieving tube.

Time to pierce. I layed back and started my usual breathing exersize. He lined up the needle. Mike seems to know exactly how I prefer to be pierced. He told me to take a deep breath in... small push. Breath out... half way through now, still no pain. Breath in... pause. Breath out... all the way through. No real pain. It wasn't that bad at all... YET.

Mike grabbed the jewelry off the table. I knew the threading on it would be somewhat uncomfortable, but thought I was done with the worst. The ring was lined up on the back of the needle, and a push. I felt the needle come out, and thought the ring was through. I felt some tugging and then a huge burst of pain. The tugging continued. I was wondering if he just couldn't get the ball on. Still not done... it's been about 30 seconds now. I have a huge tollerance for pain, but my entire head was pounding at this. I said "Please tell me what's going on... I can't stand this pain!"

Mike replied, "I don't like giving play by play, but the threading is bigger around than the jewelry itself." I was coming close to passing out from the pain at this point. He was trying to force 13g threads through a 14g hole. It was only about halfway in. I screamed (yes, screamed) for him to just take it out, I was giving up. He pulled the ring out and went to his equipment cabinet. He came back with a taper pin. He was going to stretch the hole to 12g to get the ring in.

He sat back down on his stool and made me hold my hair back. At this point, I saw the ring laying on the tray soaked in blood. We were now about 4 minuites into this ordeal. He wiped quite a bit of blood from my ear, and put the taper in place. It slid through and I muttered some obscenity. He then slid the ring right into place. I was still caked in blood as he started cleaning and screwing the other ball on. I was shaking by now. The whole thing from needle in, to jewelry totally in place took about five minuites! I've never been through that much pain before. I told Mike that it wasn't his fault, he did a great job of keeping calm. I stayed in the chair from lightheadedness for about 5 minuites.

I decided afterwards, I NEEDED FOOD! That would clear up my woosiness. I told Mike I'd be back in about half an hour. I got in my car and started driving. I'm in that area a lot, but couldn't find any place to eat. I wound up stopping at a Subway. On the way back (after eattings and having 3 sodas) I noticed that I passed 5 of my favorite fast food places on the way to that Subway. I'm glad traffic was light, or I'd have probably had an accident.

I'd like to now say, Mike did a great job on this. The actual piercing didn't hurt at all. I just advise everyone out there to stay away from threaded jewelry unless it's internal threads. If you can't do that, then make sure your jewelry is from the place you're getting pierced. If it's not, the tools may be slightly off and cause problems like I had. I do think my newest piercing looks very nice though. The placement came out just as I wanted.

Feel free to ask any questions you want. [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1999
in Ear Piercing

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