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Ear piercing experience (industrial, etc.)

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I had been working this shitty job at a credit union for a few months when they fired me the day before Xmas. I was furious! I had taken out my tongue bar, labret piercing, and nose ring for this job.

The day after Xmas, still bummed out from getting fired, I decided to treat myself to some ear piercings. I had always been fascinated by cartilage piercings and decided that was what I was going to do. I wanted to go to the shop I always go to for piercings, but they were closed. I called all over my city and even some cities 45 minutes away! All of them wanted at least 25 bucks for each piercing--and I wanted seven. Some even told me my seventh piercing would be considered as two (making it eight in all) because it was going to be an "Industrial."

I had called everywhere and was just about to give up when I spotted a new piercing/tattoo shop listed in the phone book. I was hesitant at first because I had never heard of them. I wanted to make sure they were super clean because I also decided right-then-and-there that I was re-piercing my tongue. I picked up the phone and called them. I was rolling my eyes as I asked the price. After all those other dissapointing estimates, I figured this place to be just the same. I couldn't have been more wrong.

"Hmm...well, we are new and we need all the business we can get. Since you are getting so many, I will only charge you 75 bucks for the piercings--this including the tongue (I already had my own tongue bar). I'm not sure how much the jewelry will cost you b/c I don't know what you want to get. When you get here we can sort through it all together. I will give you a big discount though since you are getting so many--and if you let me take pictures, I'll charge you even less."

I was thrilled! 75 bucks?! I couldn't believe it. The other places wanted 25 bucks a piercing! If they would have counted my Industrial as two piercings, I would have been looking at paying 200 bucks for the piercings alone! That wouldn't have included jewelry! And this price also didn't include the tongue. As soon as I hung up the phone, I drove right there.

I was surprised to see how nice this place was. It was a two story building. The bottom floor was where all the jewerly was sold, and piercings performed. The second floor was all tattoo booths and wall-to-wall designs. There were some nice couches to sit in and plenty of photo books. When I arrived I explained to him that I wanted an inner conch, tragus, and rook piercing in my left ear. Then I told him I also wanted an inner conch, tragus, daith, and industrial in my right ear. He opened his eyes wide and asked, "All at one sitting??" I nodded. He told me I was a crazy girl, and that he liked me already. He put my tongue bar in the autoclave (I'm not sure if I spelled this right). While we were waiting on the tongue bar, we selected the jewelry for my ears. I decided on 16 gauge rings for my tragus', 18 gauge rings for my daith and rook, 14 gauge rings for my conchs', and a 14 gauge barbell for my industrial.

When all the jewelry was selected, he sterilized them and then led me to this chair that resembled one you'd find in a barber shop. He sat me down and my heart started beating so fast I thought I would pass out. He kept telling me how brave I am to get all these piercings done at once. I told him if I just got one now, then waited for it to heal, then got another, waited for that to heal, etc, I would be 70 years old before I had all the ear piercings I wanted. I figured I would get them all at once so they would all heal around the same time. As I was saying this, he was putting on gloves and taking out a fresh needle. He told me he was going to do my rook first. I wanted to run out right-then-and-there, but instead I found myself saying, "Okay." He leaned my head to the right, swabbed this cold anti-bacertial stuff on my ear and then said, "here it goes." I closed my eyes and held my breath. It hurt SO bad I wanted to scream. It felt like an eternity before the needle actually went all the way through. Finally it was done and the jewelry was in. I sighed, one down, seven to go. The daith hurt just as bad as the rook because both of them cause the piercer to exert a lot of pressure. I thought I was going to pass out for sure. Then he did the conchs. These were painful, but very fast--unlike the rook and daith. The conch piercings made the weirdest sound as the needle went through. It was torture after every piercing b/c he would have to get a new needle out, and put on different gloves. This would allow more time for me to sit and freak out. I just wanted the whole ordeal done and over with. The tragus piercings were excruciating. After he did the one, I was hesitant to do the other. Nevertheless, I went through with it. All that was left was the tongue and the Industrial. I wasn't worried about the tongue, but I was freaking out about the Industrial. He gave me a mirror and a black felt-tip pen and told me to make dots where I wanted the industrial. When I had finally selected the spots, he measured to make sure the barbell I had selected would be long enough. It was perfect. I took deep breaths as he put on new gloves and opened up a new needle. The needle hurt so badly I was digging my nails into my hand trying to keep from screaming. It felt like an eternity and at one point he put pressure against my fresh conch/tragus piercings. I wanted to scream bloody murder. I was on the verge of tears when he said, "It's all done." I opened my eyes like "huh?" I grabbed the mirror and laughed when I saw he was right. The barbell was exactly where I had wanted it. I didn't even know he had put the jewelry in. The industrial began dripping blood pretty bad, so for about five minutes we had to sit and wait for it to stop, delicately trying to blot it with a clean paper towel. Eventually it stopped. I was now ready for my tongue.

I had been through this before, so I wasn't nervous. The holes from where my previous piercing had been were still visible. I told him to put it in the same spot. He gave me a paper towel to hold under my chin. I had forgotten about the damn clamp and the pain caused just from that bizzotch! It was over in a matter of seconds. When he quoted me the price, I couldn't believe it--only 150 bucks total. That included the piercings AND the service. Un- fucking-believable.

That night I stopped by the grocery store and got a ton of Q-Tips, Bactine, and mouthwash. Surprisingly, the piercings really didn't hurt at all. I wanted to show them off at the grocery store, but I opted not to when it dawned on me that the piercings would look all bloody and funky. When I got home I cleaned them out with Bactine and went to bed. It was torture trying to lay there without turning my head. I couldn't lay on either side. As I'm sure you've guessed, I didn't sleep well that night. Or the next, or the next, or the day after that. It took about two weeks before I was able to sleep on my left side. I couldn't sleep on my right for almost three weeks--none of them would hurt except the industrial when I tried to sleep on it.

Eventually the pain in the industrial subsided, and I was able to sleep on it like nothing. The piercings continued to "crust" though for almost six months. Now they are completely healed. They never hurt or bring about any difficulties. Every day in the shower I rotate them and clean them well with anti-bacterial soap. I am even now considering stretching my tragus' piercings to 14 gauge rings.

I love my piercings and am so happy I got them when I did. They are easy to hide if you have long hair--a bonus for work. The industrial shows a little through my hair though, but I don't give a crap. I love it and can't imagine not having it. Also my tongue never swelled up or caused any pain! I ate that very same night before I went to bed! My friend (who is now a piercer himself) told me that my original tongue piercing probably never really closed up, and all I did was re-open an already existent hole. I love my tongue bar and I see no reason to ever take it out--it is so easy to hide, most people don't even know I have a tongue bar even when I am face-to-face with them. If you have considered getting any of these piercings--or all of them--don't hesitate. They are SO worth it. You won't regret it. Thanks for reading my story.


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on: 01 April 1999
in Ear Piercing

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