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My helix and futher thoughts on body mods

My helix and futher thoughts on body mods

I have been interested in body piercing since the very early 80s, when my then lover (ok, Master) did a self frenum. We knew absolutely nothing, as no there were no professional studios available to us. Amazingly, it came out ok -- I guess his ring material choice/gauge was correct. I'm hoping he still has this!

Not long after, with a slightly more experienced friend, he attempted a horizontal hood piercing on me. Didn't work -- we were trying to numb the area with lidocaine -- which does not work on me. I'm kinda glad we didn't do it, might have had problems with what we didn't know. Yes, I am planning to do it soon, almost 20 years later.

I've been doing the corporate boogie for many years now. I was thrilled when long hair on men and tattoos became popular culture, and I enjoy seeing the range of piercings on my peers. Suddenly these things became more accessible to me.

I left corporate life to return to school and change careers, and suddenly I knew I could have tattoos on publicly exposed flesh, subtly odd colored hair -- and even some piercings. Even though these things are commonplace to many of you, they are meaningful to me beyond the trendy.

2 years ago I got my first tattoo on a lower limb. A small tribal design (my first all black tattoo -- I'm HOOKED) on the outside of my lower right calf. It's a lizard with a leg morphing into a snake. It's a flash tattoo, kinda a grade "b" piece of work. I enjoy looking at it a lot! I love having a tattoo where I can see it.

At the time I got the tattoo I started looking at daith, tragus and helix piercings. I did my own lobes with a leather needles and a potato back in '78 -- much to the disgust of my parents, and I was looking forward to adding to my collection of holes. I have 2 on my left ear and one on my right ear, nothing too unconventional, but I enjoy them.

At a sci-fi con in Boston this weekend, I talked to the one of the vendors who seemed to have a nice set up. He used good quality surgical steel materials, had sterile protocol and needles and seemed to know what was up. I figured, looking at his own sexy and beautiful body art -- I oughta go for it.

So I did.

The piercing was not really painful. I have my own special feelings about pain, so any discomfort I felt was an interesting experience. Its been about 3 days now, and I can't stop admiring my helix in the mirror.

The reactions at home have been interesting. My son, who has just entered his teen years, saw it briefly the morning after I got it done. At 4:30 AM (he was on his way to a bus to head up north for a snowboard trip) we didn't have much to say about it, except he was really curious about how it hurt -- and could I hear the needle going in. I promised him a lobe piercing after the last report card, which was a good one, but for some reason, he has reconsidered.

My husband was another story all together. He never even noticed it. I was a little sad -- I mean here I've gone and done something interesting and decorative to my body, and my husband hasn't a clue! I finally pointed it out two days later, and his comment was "gee haven't you had that all along?" Actually, yes, my husband and I love each other very much and we have a fairly good sex life, he is an attentive lover, but no -- he does not notice much about appearances.

I am afraid I've started something though. Here I am on BME trying to decide between a horizontal and vertical clit hood piercing and I already have an appointment to discuss my latest tattoo idea (in my brain for the last 6 months) -- with an artist in two weeks.

I'm also really considering a tongue piercing. I am a very oral person, and having this in my mouth to play with, as well as the added benefits to anyone I'm giving oral sex too, is really interesting.

I wonder if my poor husband will notice any of these changes? Oh well, they aren't for him anyway. They are for me!

I find certain modifications sexually attractive to me when done on others. In my experience, certain piercings really enhance my sexual response. Even though my husband won't do this kind of modification, that does not limit my access to others that do.

On myself modifications are as much "self care" as exercising and eating right - things I do for my physical and emotional health. Decorating my body is honoring and worshipping my temple. Sometimes after a good work out I feel an almost religious ecstasy. Piercing and tattooing cause a similar feeling. I do like that this particular version of religious ecstasy does border on the sexual.

Yesterday on my way to the drug store I ran across the woman who processes film there, who has a number of nice piercings and a lovely piece of Celtic knotwork on her wrist. She was on a ciggie break outside, so I took the opportunity to comment how much I liked her work. I showed her my new piercing -- and she really liked it!

I'm really glad I did this.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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