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The Disasterous Daith experience

nter> The Disasterous Daith experience

On January 14th, I had an appointment to get my daith pierced. Since this is my 5th piercing done at Primal art, I am well familiar with the whole procedure and junk. I walked in with my mom, signed the release forms, and after a 15 minute wait, Eric, my piercer, called me in. We argued for a little bit, because he was going to do the daith with a 16ga ring, and I wanted 14ga, just because 16 looks too thin, to me. He said that it was going to make the piercing a lot more painful because of the thickness, but I explained to him that pain means nothing to me. My lip was the worst of all of my piercings, and I highly doubted that the daith was going to hurt as much as that. So, Eric got out that absolutely HUGE diameter ring. I wondered if that was actually going to fit in my ear. He clamped my daith (I only wonder if any other piercers clamp the daith; there isn't much to clamp there), and pushed the needle in. He kept on stopping, doing something that I still don't have a clue about, and then pushing the needle in a little bit more, stopping, and so on. Finally, he got it through. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the most painful thing you have ever experienced, it was a 7. My lip was definately worse. I didn't notice that he had nicked my rook after the piercing. He kept wiping the blood off of the rook after the piercing. He inserted the ring and the bead and all that junk, and then we talked for a little while. He told me he was getting his tongue split. I thought that was totally wicked, although I probably wouldn't do it myself.

    This is not the end of my experience. You're probably thinking, so,

what was so disasterous about that? I'll explain...

Two days later...

I noticed my ear had gotten really red and painful. I figured it was just being a bad little piercing and it was acting up. I cleaned it, and then I slept on it, figuring that it would be better in the morning. I'm such an idiot sometimes. It was definately NOT better in the morning. It was so swollen, it was starting to not look like an ear anymore. I mean, my whole FUCKING ear was swollen and EXTREMELY painful. I mean, if I even lightly brushed my ear, it felt like someone had taken a sledgehammer and bashed me in the side of the head. I called Primal Art, and left a message for Eric to call me back. He did a few hours later, sounding rather upset that I had bothered him on a Sunday. He told me to soak it, and that it couldn't possibly be an infection, and he told me if I was really concerned, I should take it out. I decided to leave it. I figured it was a reaction to the metal, since I've had problems with stainless steel before, and that was exactly what I had in my ear. By the end of the day, it was so swollen and painful that I said, screw it, I'm taking it out. Forget it. I couldn't pop the captive bead out, I couldn't open the ring since I was in so much pain, and I couldn't cut the ring with wire cutters. That's when I regretted getting 14ga. I could have cut it if it was 16ga. =) I felt dizzy, either from the pain or the piercing, so I went and lied down. I told my mom and my boyfriend to call the doctor. So Envoy, the doctors that visit your home came down. I was told that it was a severe infection. He gave my sulfa drugs, since I am allergic to pennicilin. I asked for Clindamycin, an antibiotic that I am familiar with and have used before, and he said that it wouldn't work for this. I asked why, and he said I'll learn that if I go to medical school. (What an asshole.) So, I went and took an epsom salt bath while waiting for my mom to go pick up the antibiotics. My temperature had reached 103 degrees, and I was dizzy and nauseated. My ear was throbbing. Mom got back, gave me a pill, and I went and layed down in the living room. Half an hour later, I felt no better, and had broken out in hives. I told her, that's it, call the ambulance. I was rushed to the hospital, where they attempted to remove the ring. Now, for people who don't know me, I have an EXTREMELY high pain tolerance. I can have needles shoved through me practically anywhere, and my facial expression will not change. The doctor was pretty sadistic, because while he was attempting to remove the ring, I was screaming and crying in excruciating pain. He kept that up for 5 minutes, then, finally stopped. My ear was bleeding, and I couldn't stop crying for the hell of me. They decided to hook me up to an I.V. for the antibiotics, because the infection had spread across my face and up into my scalp, and into my lip piercing. (I still have the lip piercing, by the way) They gave me Clindamycin. Hmmm... I guess that doctor from Envoy really WAS an idiot, just like I thought. They also gave me antihistamines, because I was itching up a storm. I found out that I was also allergic to the sulfa drugs. Turns out people who are allergic to pennicilin usually are also allergic to sulfa. (If that Envoy doctor ever reads this, I say, screw you, asshole) Well, they let me go home with the I.V. still in my hand. I had to go back every eight hours to have the antibiotics again. They let me go at 1:30 in the morning. I felt like total shit. I went home and puked, and puked, and puked.


After all the antibiotics and a whole bunch of taxicab bills, the infection and the swelling calmed down a hell of a lot. I am still on Clindamycin, but on pills, now. I feel normal and okay now. I still have the piercing. I'm going to go back to Primal and get Eric to change the ring, which is all dented and scratched to shit, to a 14ga niobium CBR. Smaller diameter, too.

Ashley Burkowski Direct your questions and comments to me at: [email protected]


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on: 01 Feb. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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