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Ear project (double piercing) from hell

    Ok, here goes my sad (and stupid) tale. I'm not blaming my piercer

for these events, but neither will I claim full responsibility for this cartilige fiasco.

   I'm a big Phish fan, and I'd noticed ear projects (multiple ear cartilage

piercings usually joined by a single bar or ring) on other fans before. I love artistic looking piercings, original ones that were designed individualy. Anyway, my left ear has always stuck out while my right one lies flat, so I thought that getting an ear project that looked really cute and pinned back my ear at the same time would be perfect!

   I went to Durango, Colorado, since it's the only place within several

hours of here (Ouray Colorado) that does body piercings (that I know of, sorry if I'm wrong!). I told the piercer there (really cool looking guy with blue dreds, tats, da works!) what I wanted and he told me that it wouldn't really work the way I wanted it. I was really disappointed, but he suggested that I get a similar one done that might work just as well. The piercings would be vertically oriented, with the top ball of the bar inside the curl right above the opening to the ear canal, going down into the cartilage behind the earlobe and coming out in back. It sounded really cool, although I didn't think it would pin my ear back that far.

    It took me a while to get up the courage, but I'd had several other

piercings that sounded a lot more painful than that (nose, tongue, etc.), plus the piercer agreed to give me a large discount if he could use my job for his books. First he had to bend the needle at a 90* angle to get it though the curl. Everything was sterile and he changed his gloves a few times.

    I am not a cringer. I am not a screamer or a bleeder. I get dizzy and

lightheaded for a while afterwords (piercing high), but I am not such a big baby. Until that point. I cursed my head off, counted forwards and backwords, said my abc's and yelled at God. My neck was like steel wires in a velvet glove but I still flinched. Lord, if childbirth is as painful as that was I would be surprised. I found out later that the top half of my ear was ripped away from my skull, and I still have some bumps. Anyway, I walked away, and I still don't hold anything against my piercer. He did what he thought was right. That's all any of us can do anyway.

   It hurt for a long long time, but I was expecting that from my other ear

cartilage piercings. I expected it to hurt to sleep on, it did. I washed it twice a day with antibacterial soap and q-tips. It didn't get infected, it grew over. Damn! I didn't have a clue. I noticed I couldn't see the top ball on a wednesday, and on thursday I went to Andromeda on St. Marks place in Manhatten (my piercers in NYC, I move around a lot). I figured the ball came unscrewed somehow and they could just pull it out. It was about two weeks later and it hurt just as bad as the day I did it, so I was somewhat relieved. That is, until they told me the ball was INSIDE my ear and they could excise it for me if I wanted. Oh boy. I almost did it there, but recalling the horror of the piercing, I couldn't go through with it. Call me a wimp. So, I went to the surgeon who did my sisters appendix and tonsils, and with a lot of tsking she put me under and took it out. It's still in a jar on my bedroom shelf. My ear is fine now, although it did get infected while the ball was sealed inside, which spread all thoughout my ear canal and rendered me deaf in that ear for almost 4 months. Thank god it's over. People, think it over a little while, go home and come back if you're sure. Ear projects are some of the coolest piercings out there, but please please, know what's involved.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Ear Piercing

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