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under $15 from gunned to 00ga in about 8-12 weeks

have a way to ga your ears from about under 15.oo bucks!!! In my experience I had no infections and spent under 10.00 bucks. And so my story starts....

You know, I am not really sure why I got my ear

pierced. But I guess it's just one of those things. I was probably about 14 or so, when I first mentioned to my rents (parents) their response was flat out no. They told me that if I wanted to I had to wait till I was 16 years old.
And guess what I did about 3 weeks after my 16th birthday, yea I got my left ear pierced.

Dumbass me, I went to the mall to get it dun.  And of

course it semi got infected. But I toughed it out, put on lotions and shit, and it got better. I waited about 3 weeks, and then took out the piercing stud and put in a hoop. So there I am, in about the middle of august, and standing in front of a body piercing place. I had seen ga's before but I didn't know what they were called, all I knew that they looked much better than the skinny ass hoop I had in. So I decided I wanted one. I went in and the guy helping em basically described what I was doing, how to care.yada yada yada.. So I bought a 14-ga-hoop w/single ball closure, then went home, and popped it in, easy shit.
After I would guess 2 weeks, I went back and got a 10 ga went home, but what I did was really stupid, I put it in dry (no lube) and didn't stretch my hole, so it really hurt, but ga'ing is painful, so I had to suck it up. A few days after this I went back to skool, where I met a kid (who is now my friend) named aaron, he has 00ga. Well after awhile I decided to get my right dun, but knowing what happened be4, I did it my self with a needle. So now I had, a 10ga in my left, and I had just ga'ed my right to that original 14. Now here's my way to do ga'ing the cheapest and most creative way possible (this is basically how I did it)

First you need to get your ears pierced, I would

recommend a body piercing shop (reputable) where they use needles n that shit. Next, wait about 3-5 weeks to get out you studs. (Do this the way u feel comfortable, its different for everyone, don't rush yourself) Next go to the store, supermarket, whatever and buy some kind of lube, I recommend Neosporin, just cause its well know and works great. Next go to a local hobby shop or arts and crafts store. Buy this stuff called sculpey, it is used to make arts and crafts stuff, but works great also (the best thing about this is that it costs no more than 2 bucks a pack, and I have made probably 25 sets of plugs, and still have stuff left over, thus its very cheap). Then buy the glaze most likely near or right next to the sculpey. Now this is where it gets tricky, you need to make a stretcher. Here's my suggestion, look at a paintbrush, and make it exactly like that (small-to-med.-to-large). Next put it on some aluminum foil, n let it sit there, next make some plugs (basically something to keep it from closing). What's nice about sculpety is that it comes in different colors, so u can be creative. Now set your oven to about 225 degrees and pop them in there. You have to leave them in till they get hard, normally about 5 mins or more or less, but you should just watch them. When they are dun, take them outta the oven, turn off the oven, the out some glaze on them. The glaze air dries so let it do so for about 30 mins to an hour. Then once they are dry, to stretch your ear, lube up your ear and the stretcher after you have cleaned it. Now slide it in as far as it will go with out it really really really hurting (remember it will hurt, not to much that u cry or anything like that) If you know what your doing, you should not go past 2-3 ga's per session.
Once you're dun, pop in a plug, and leave it in for a week or so, so it heals. Keep doing it till u want to stop (desired size met) And guess what, that's pretty much it.

I think I ga'ed my right ear in about 4-8 weeks from

gunned to 2ga. But remember that's really fast, and I would not recommend it. Just take your time, have fun, and keep it safe.

I now have two 2 ga's clear plugs that I did buy, and

I am very happy with them. I am gonna soon buy hoops like be4 in 2ga's, but I am not gonna go to small in fear of them not closing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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