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Adding to the numerous ear stretching experiences......

started with a gunned hole and this big brass safety pin that I wanted to put in my ear. I tried numerous times to get it into my ear, without luck. So I asked some of the inhabitants of the RAB what I was doing wrong and they said that I just had to muscle it and use some lube. Lube? The idea had never struck me. So one night when my then girlfriend had dumped me on my ass out of the blue I had decided to drowned my sorrows in some, no a great deal, beer. That night I came across an acquaintances extra large economy tube of KY. So, truly stoked for the first time that night I pulled the big ol safety pin from my leather jacket, and in mock punk-rock style I pushed it through the gunned hole in my ear. Man did that hurt, even my alcohol saturated synapse could tell how much it hurt. I woke the next afternoon and looked at my ear, severely reddened. The massive safety pin was cumbersome and would wiggle around when I moved my head, irritating my poor ear. I decided that a new piece of jewellery was in order for my ear, I chose an old funky nail. The next day I awoke to a gargantuan ear. I pulled out the nail and squeezed my beleaguered lobe and a tsunami of green puss flowed out of me. Realizing that I had torn, and infected my poor ear I decided to treat it like an abscess and squeeze and soak it until it healed.

Flash forward a few months. I had since gained some aspirations to become a professional body artist. I started to use my computer and the Internet to research sterilization methods, and cross contamination prevention methods. I picked up an autoclave to sterilize jewellery and needles that I would be using on myself. I repierced my ear at twelve ga. It let it heal and "season" and up gauge to ten ga. I used a crochet hook to up gauge to eight and I kept a piece of an "ink holder" from a BIC pen (I got the idea from an other experience on the BME. http://bme.freeq.com/pierce/01-ear/lobestrmr.html) I soon obtained some knitting needles in sizes roughly equivalent to all the gauges up to four, and a crochet hook close to a two. I stuck the six gauge netting needle in and I had this weird foreskin looking thing come out and I decided that I would wait and go back to an eight. Two weeks later I stretched my ear to a six without seeing the foreskin. I used chunks of the knitting needles that I had cut and filed smooth as jewelry, which was nice because they looked like silver button earrings, and I was applying for jobs. Since I wanted them to look like button earrings, I went without O-rings and one day when I was a ways away from home the six gauge plug that I had been wearing fell out. I lost my only set of car keys there too, and now my car is hot-wired, hehe. So two days later when I came home I tapered in an eight gauge, and then a six; both of them going in quite easily and surprisingly painless. Then I knew that it was time to up-gauge. So I tapered in a four, not quite painlessly, but less painful that my last up gaugings. Then a week later I took another trip, and picked up a two gauge flesh tunnel. Not thinking that I was ready, but ding to put it in, I tried to use the crochet hook as a taper, but the taper was two severe and I couldn't muscle it in. So I went looking for a new taper. I came the head for a water pick and I noticed that its taper was just about perfect for a two gauge, so I lubed it up and inserted it. I couldn't get it quite all the way in, but I did get the hole bigger. I went looking for something to put in there. I found a Papermate pen and used the bit that holds the nib connects the nib with the part you hold, if you have one take it apart and you will see the part I am talking about. Still enamored with the idea of a flesh tunnel the next day I used the water pick head again and got the flesh tunnel in. This was quite painful, but life is pain, and what use is anything if you get it for free any way. I put an old twelve gauge CBR in there and now I have the first stretched lobe in my sleepy mountain community of 3000. Pretty spiffy, if I do say so my self.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1998
in Ear Piercing

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