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Tales of a Repressed Childhood Piercing Fan

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I was a straight white male raised in a rather small New England town. I had wished ever since I was about 15 that I could have my ears pierced and go out in public like females without drawing undo attention. It wasn't that I was into fem-wear or TV, I'm perfectly straight, and I just felt that I wanted to do it. I knew it was a no-brainer that my parents would never understand and that they would probably send me off to Canada or something if I even suggested piercing my ears.

At that time, well before I knew ANYTHING about piercing, I once secretly pierced my septum with a heavy sewing needle when my parents were out of town, since I figured it wouldn't show. It was actually relatively easy to do myself using a mirror, feeling for a spot between nerves with the needletip which barely hurt, and working the needle through slowly with some alcohol for lubrication. Looking back, it's a miracle with the conditions, that I didn't lose my nose to infection. I wore an earring in it for a few days until my parents were due back, and cried as I had to remove it. I was hooked! I tried piercing my ears a couple of times back then but chickened out for fear of the retribution. I still have a very tiny scar that is undetectable unless you know what to look for.

I prayed for the day that males could get away with wearing earrings. I dreamed that someone like the president of the US or some famous macho actor (okay, other than Mr. T) would start a trend.

I finally got up the nerve in about 1987 when I was 25. Piercings on straight males were just barely being seen on the West coast where I had moved to by then and things personally had changed to the point that I just didn't care who reacted.

It was July 4 weekend 1987, over ten years ago as I write this. When I got up the nerve and figured if I changed my mind I could take them out and go to work the following week after a few holidays off with nothing more than a slight blemish. Plus if I decided to keep them, they would be far enough healed by time I went back to work and started getting the flack, that I would have an excuse to keep them. I had no idea if I would be summarily fired or ridiculed, or?

I shook in anticipation, excitement and fear, as I passed the store (sorry, I was again still a neophyte in this then and there was no one near that used needles then) at the mall at least 3 times, waiting for a time when the store was relatively empty. Finally the timing was right and I went in. After taking a few deep breaths and summoning my courage I went to the middle-aged salesclerk, and told her what I wanted. She looked at me rather strange, a clean-cut everyday guy, asking to be pierced. But she apparently decided it was my body and she was just doing her job. She showed me the small selection of studs and pointed out the most "masculine" ones. I picked the ones that were medium size steel balls. Since there was no discount for singles (then) I decided on the spot to get them both - in one ear - the left I had decided from previous observation of what appeared to not mean what I didn't want it to (remember this was 1987). After she sat me down and I held my breath in anticipation and did all the stuff they do, she asked me, probably because she could see me shaking, one final time "Are you sure this is what you want". I bit my lip and nodded. I waited for the sting hoping I wouldn't come in my pants. I heard a click and assumed she misfired. I waited and heard another click, and felt a slight pinch and tug like I figured she was holding it to line it up. Okay, here it comes I thought. Suddenly, she moved away and I thought she was stalling or something was wrong. I asked her what was wrong. She said "you're through, here's a mirror". Arrrgh, I hadn't even had time to enjoy the pain, the feeling, the rush. I had felt almost nothing. I took the mirror and DID almost come in my pants from seeing the two new pieces of unyielding steel securely fastened to my flesh. Yes I had pierced my nose before, but this was different. This was something that OTHERS were going to see every day, something that I couldn't easily hide, something that might effect their judgment of me. This was even, to me, more extreme than below-the-neck piercings. And I decided I didn't even care... it was something I'd had to do for far too long.

As I left I knew then that it was only the start. As apprehensive as I was about what would happen when I went in to work in a few days, I wished I could get a couple more. This was at the time that even average females were barely starting to get two holes.

They were barely accepted at my work, and I tended to keep them as low profile as I could. Leaving them out altogether when I could without risking them closing. They were for me and I decided to keep them as long as I could, even if it meant only wearing them after work.

In the next couple years I met a girl with her nipples pierced and she convinced me to try piercing my own nipples (literally, I did it myself, again with no ill effects, at least this time I used a hypo needle). The only mistake was I used too small of rings and they never did heal completely. But they just didn't have the same effect for me and I eventually let them close up.

About 5 years after my first ear piercings, I met my current SO who was also passively into piercing things. She agreed to get a second set in her ears if I got one in the right ear. I went with her, (sorry, again to a mall store) and that was when I got my third hole, the first in the RIGHT ear. By that time the left vs. right issue had been pretty much neutralized to my concern, but she felt it would keep other girls from hitting on me anyway when she wasn't with me, so whatever... It was then that I started stretching the earlier store piercings, mostly so that they would stay open for extended periods when I had to take the rings out. She shortly later got her outer labia and nipples pierced too, with a needle of course, when I got a guiche, which later closed, but that is another story.

The last four ear holes working upward I got at 13 ga as recently as this past fall, about a year apart. By then I had learned all about doing it properly and all were done by a guy, who believe it or not uses a needle AND has a store at the mall (guess we can't generalize anymore about "mall piercers" :-). The 5th one was just touching the cart. and took months to heal. The final one in the cart. has just finished healing and I just recently put in the gold ring to match all of the others. They are all 14 ga x 5/8" except for both bottom ones which are 12ga x 1-1/8" and the top one which is 14ga by 1/2 I think.

I'm of course considering more continuing up, but haven't decided on that or to start on the other ear which still only has one currently.

To this day I've only worn them around my parents (who fortunately live on the other side of the country) once and although they never said anything, looks can say a thousand words.

My SO loves them immensely as much as I do and she gets very upset when I take ANY of them out for any occasion as I sometimes do. We are into SM/BD and she has agreed to get her labia and nipple rings soldered closed by our jeweler friend if I will have my earrings all soldered so that I can't take them out anymore... we're still discussing that one :).

For reference the large ones are continuous rings from 5-ave studios in SLC, UT (lovely, perfectly heavy as gold should be and a fraction of the cost compared to anywhere else), the other's are seamless rings from Pleasurable Piercings (beautiful work and I love the concave/convex joint) and the slightly smaller CBR in the cart. is from Unimax Supply.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1998
in Ear Piercing

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