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Matt's Piercing story

h3>Grade 10/11

In grade ten, i saw this guy with really cool earings, im guessing they were about 10 guage CBR's and i thought they were wikked, so i wanted to get some, at first, my mother and father said no.... but i went and did it anyways, i got a 12 guage horseshoe ring,, in my right ear i believe it was, i loved it, altho i did get it done wrong, they guy at the place told me to freeze my ear, i later found out that its not supposed to be freezed. I could hear the needle going through my ear and tearing the skin, this sorta scared me, but i was fine after getting it done so i was happy :). After a while of that piercing healing, i decided to get another earing, this time, i got a 14 guage 3/4" hoop(CBR), with a plastic bead on it, and on the other ear, i switched the horseshoe for a 1/2" hoop with a plastic bead on it, well, after a while i got sick of the two different sizes, so i gave those earings to my friend for his nipples, and put two 10 guage 1/2" CBR's in, after a while of stretching.

Grade 12

In grade twelve, i had stretched my holes up to 8 guage, and i put one 8 guage 3/4" CBR's in each ear, i loved these rings, they were really cool, big enough that i got comments on them, but not too big, they were perfect. Then, later on in the year, much to my parents dismay, i decided i was going to get my tongue pierced, alas, this did not ever happen, because i was threatened to get kicked out of my house. Then , about 2 months later, i decided, i wanted more holes in my ears, so, i fought with my mother for a while, then left, and got one new hole in each ear put in the back behind my old earings, and put a 14g 3/4" hoops in them.


Now I am in college, and ive been looking at piercings alot lately, and i decided, it was time for a change, so i went out looking for flesh tunnels for my ears, i had since taken out the back 14g's and put in two ultraviolet plastic 10 guages into my ears, i learnt from this experience, that i could take some minor pain, because we stretched the 10 guages through the 14 guage holes, after about 40 minutes later, we got them through with almost no blood, and i wasnt screaming in pain. By the next day, these earings were just fine. Now 4 months after that, i decided i wanted to get bigger holes in my ears, so i went to the local store, and wanted to get flesh tunnels for my 8g holes. The guy behind the counter (really nice guy), helped my decide which ones to buy for the holes, he thought 4 guages might fit with some minor stretching by use of a taper. I told him i would come back the next day with the money for the two flesh tunnels, one which is a metal 4g, with rubber orings on each end, and the other a 4g lucite plastic one and not hollow. Well, the next day i went, and he tried to put them in, but they wouldnt go, and i was determined to get them in. So he told me to just stretch my ears and put them in myself, so i bought them and left. I promptly went out, and bought a No. 6 knitting needle (one which was just a hair bigger than the tunnel including the taper) and went to my friends house who had put my 10guage plastic rings through my 14g holes, and told him i wanted to use plenty of vaseline, and stretch my holes right then and there to put the tunnel in, well we took my 8 guage off , and proceded to push the needle through, it didnt budge, we kept trying, and after about 2 hours, we finally got it through, there was a quite bit of blood, and my ear was swollen, but it wasnt hurt too bad, so we shoved the metal flesh tunnel in with plenty of vitamin e and alchohol to staralize everything, we took some pictures too, i have yet to see if they are developed, i will send them in asap. Then two days ago, i decided i wanted to put the other tunnel in my other ear, since the first tunnel had since pretty well healed, no more blood, i can move it, and sleep on it and hold the phoen to that ear. I went over to my friends house again, and he shoved the needle through my other ear, this time it went much quicker, but was a wee bit more bloody, it took us about 40 minutes this time, and then it was done, we also took pictures this time around, i will scan these asap as well, well, its been two days now and my ear is getting to almost be 100% better now, soon i hope to stretch my lobes up to 5/16'th's or maybe .5" but im letting these completely heal, and am going to stretch up 1mm at a time instead of a big jump again. I am also going to peirce my septum, get a madison done, and im thinking of getting another one in my ear, maybe an orbital. Well thats my story, i will have pics soon for y'all

Update: November 14th

Well, last night i went to see my friend who took the pictures, and guess what, the pictures of the left ear are developed, they are sorta weird looking due to overexposure, (he didn't have the aperature set properly), but they turned out pretty well, except for the picture of my holding up the bloody shirt we used.. o well, i will have the pics scanned sometime in the near future for you all to see, next we have to develop the pictures from the right ear... happy piercing!

Matt... [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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