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I got both my tragi (whatever plural for Tragus is) pierced about 6 weeks ago. I really really liked the whole piercing drama: The appointment made... the few days to sweat about it.... the moment of pain... the thrill.... I decided it was time to get another piece of skin mutilated.

I had been pierced on campus at The Other Bookstore, the alternative place to buy text books and other weird college kid piss-off-your-parents stuff at CCSU. It's too convienient. I thought about what I might like to do by looking at the fascinating pictures here on BME. I would have gotten practically anything pierced, but I wanted the piercing to be visible and yet easy to conceal if i needed to. So I figured another earring would be the way to go.

The orbitals looked kinda neat. I emailed every piercing site to ask them what the process was for an orbital, was it one ring in both holes from day one or was it two rings until it heals. Of course, no one replied. So I went directly to Todd, the piercer at The Other Bookstore.

I had been thinking an orbital in my 'inner conch' would be cool. I had it all planned out too. I bragged about it to my coworkers who made the usual yuk-faces. Todd, thankfully, knew what an orbital was, I was not hallucinating it, he'd even done one before. There was a picture of it in his little flip book of piercings done there. I made the appointment with Todd for two days in advance (exactly 3 weeks since my first tragus was done - I leave no time for healing huh?) and an hour before my geography class, in which I had a test that day. I couldn't wait. For the piercing that is, not the test.

Day of the piercing I walk in all sanguine (That being the key word) and confident. Todd greets me and tells me that I can't have an orbital in my inner conch where I wanted it because of the high probability of keloids (lots of them) because the orbital needs to be on a relatively level area and my ears are too small for something like that. He understands that I probably want something weird going through my ear, so he suggests an industrial. It's a tempting offer.. but that would have required more careful planning for me.... I'd have to find the best place to have one that wouldn't interfere with my other piercings.

I settled for the same orbital positioning that the girl in the photograph had; at the rim of her ear. It wasn't where I wanted it originally, but it still stuck out and looked so damn good. He told me that they did that one with one ring to start with. Ithad been messy. Yeah, my tragus made a little scab, I can handle blood (famous last words...). I picked out my ring (14 ga 1/2" SSS CBR and I leave it up to You to translate that.. haha) and we headed to the little back room.

I sat in the chair like I had twice before nervous as hell but excited. I got the shoulder napkin, and then the cleaning swab. He held the ring up and measured my ear, marking the spots with a pen. When he had the spot drawn on, he opened the ring by twisting it, much the same way I'd open a jump ring in a jewelry class. That bothered me a little bit because that meant he'd have to close it quite a bit when it was finally in my ear, my SORE ear.

Did I mention that the pair of needles laying out on the medical tray looked rather thick and nasty? Like large tapestry needles. I know that I would not volluntarily stab myself with a tapestry needle while doing needle work....

The first needle went into the top hole - a hellishly sharp burning pain. I think my eyes teared up then. Like with my tragus, I giggled and kicked my legs under the chair and made faces. He put the ring in that hole, and right then the blood started pouring down my face. Now that silly little napkin on my shoulder had some purpose.

I could feel it running along my ear lobe and neck. I'm surprised I did not get it all over my clothes. He had to remove my lobe earrings because they were getting covered with blood.

By now it was like 1:30, half an hour before my test. Todd runs out to postpone the tongue appointment he had down for 1:30, and then tells me that we should be done by about 2:15. Not like I'm sane enough to care.

When the bleeding looks like it has stopped, he redraws the other mark and precedes with hole #2. It hurt more of course. Then started bleeding along with the first hole again. He pinched a towel to my ear and held it tightly. That kinda hurt too.

I sat there as he held the towel up trying to figure out what to say to my professor to get out of the test that day. I decided not to go to class with this disgusting ear (I had assumed it was horrible when Todd denied me a mirror to see it) but to leave a note in his office explaining my predicament and how it was entirely due to my stupidity. Both of my tragi had been done before this class without affecting my learning abilities.

At about 2:20 the blood stopped enough for us to part company. He gave me two gauge packets for the ride home, just in case. I wrote up my letter and ran it over (well.. ran is not exactly right, more like stumbled to the elevator) to the professor's mailbox. I went and got a fruit juice before driving, just to be sure my blood sugar or whatever was ok.

I got to see it finally at home in the mirror. Gross. There was blood caked all around it. Blood was under the arcs of the ring on each side. There was even a small stalagtite of congealed blood hanging from it. The blood all over the steel matched the carnelian bead. I could smell that coppery blood smell even. I didn't shower off until that night though.

Next day it's all clean and pretty. I go to work and begin showing it off. My coworkers make their yuk-faces. It's all good. About 2 hours before close I realized that there was a tiny dot of blood at the top hole. It was crusty so i thought nothing of it. One coworker pointed out to me that it was starting to bleed. I had the gauze packs with me so I put one up to my ear for a few minutes until I felt sure that it had scabbed and would not bother me.

Several minutes later I catch a woman giving me that 'oh my god' look. I figured she was looking at the ring with a drip of blood on it. Of course she says nothing about it, dosen't want to embarass me by pointing out a drip, it's much more fun for her to let me to embarass myself when it's gushing later on.. After that person left, I felt the tickle of blood along my ear lobe. I quickly got out the second gauze pad. I had a free chance to check myself in a mirror and much to my horror and amusement it was once again caked with blood, just like the night before.

My coworkers noticed the growing spot of blood on the gauze and asked to see it. Then they called other coworkers over to see it. One coworker thought it was a fake blood halloween decoration until I told him otherwise. The general consensus was that this was infected and that unless I removed it and got immediate medical attention I was going to die. I refused to believe that a day old piercing was life threatening. It was only blood. Lots of it.

I got home and cleaned it up. And it hasen't bled again. Only up until recently have I actually folded my ear to examine the bead-side of it.

It looks so damn cool. I think I might have to get an Industrial after all. Once the weather gets nicer at least.

I'll probably write again to complain about that bloody mess too.

Tezcatlipoca http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Arena/3626/


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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