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j's industrial @ Mythical Markings

j's industrial @ Mythical Markings


i had been debating between (for some reason with me it's not so much a matter of it as it is a question of when and what) getting either a tragus or an industrial ever since i got my last piercings (both nipples, before that was my tongue and both lobes) when i saw some pics of industrials on BME i knew i had found it, this was just too cool to pass up. on thurday october 1st i went to Mythical Markings (BTW if you ever happen to be in knoxville stop by, he does great work) to have my right lobe repierced, as it had been ripped out in a fight a while back. while i was there i asked Dale (the tattoo artist/ piercer) about industrials and he gave me a talk through version of the procedure so i'd know what i was getting into. we found a barbell that was big enough (2" in length at 14 ga.) and he asked me if i could come back on friday because he had to autoclave it. while i was dying to have it i didn't want to be a prick so i said sure. friday was a wash so i ended up having it done on the following saturday. i grabbed my best friend j.p. (who's used to this by now because i made him go with me for my tongue too) and told him to drive and off we went.


saturday afternoon came and found us at mythical markings waiting for dale to finish up a tattoo. while that was getting done i was filling out my paperwork and getting my license copied while j.p. drooled over the flash on the walls) finally i was ushered into the back room with j.p. and daled wife in tow. this being the second industrial he's done i guess it was a special occasion.

i sat in the dentist chair and my right ear was wiped down with isopropyl alcohol and he told me basically what was going to happen after we talked for a while and he listened to me bed him to let me apprentice. he started opening all the autoclave packaat this point i started to get pretty nervous. don't know why, i've done this sort of thing before, i just got nervous. anyway...as he couldn't really use forceps on it, we decided to freehand the upper piercing and use a recieving tube on the bottom so he doesn't get a stick and get john cooties. i might note here that not every piercer uses the same procedure on a piece of work, other people's experiences might be different.


after i was prepped we went for it. with an audible POP! in went the needle on the first piercing, followed very closely by the barbell and appreciable pain. after a couple seconds wait for the needle to be regooped (i don't know what he uses, possibly some sort of gelatinous alcohol mixture), the needle went into the bottom part with LOTS more pain and into the receiving tube to be corked, after this the barbell was inserted. at this point i was just kind of laying there trying not to have an out of body experience and enjoying the rush that keeps bringing me back to the chair. At the very end of the job they have a policy to make sure the client witnesses the needle used on them being broken and put in a sharps container, you also have to sign out saying you did so when you pay them.


after we finished i stood up to go and pay the man, Dale handed me an alcohol soaked paper towel to use until the blood clotted. he looked at it for a second and said

"i gotta get a picture of this"

so now i'm in his portfolio in addition to having a kick ass piercing. = ) after he politely lightened my wallet we went on our way.


the 27th of october found me back at the shop to get things checked out and make sure everythings where it's supposed to be (i would reccomend this to everyone BTW). we found that there was a little bit of a problem with the industrial because the barbell fit a little too snugly and the balls were right up against the holes causing the wounds not to be able to “breath”, and so we took it out, cleaned it, and decided to try a new cleaning technique that involves me bending my ear almost double so the ends slide up the barbell to meet each other which allows me to get all the crusties off that are causing the problems. right now everythings working out fine and i love it.

Anyway, I guess that's it, if you're considering getting an idustrial be advised that it does hurt more than nipple and tongue and other such piercings (just for a point of comparison) but it is a really cool piercing. Glad to help if I was able to.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Nov. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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