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For as long as I can remember I have been a reject of society, even in grade 1 I can remember always being deferent(I wore glasses). At the time, I would try my best to "fit in" . This continued though school until grade 8 when I was finally able to say ‘FUCK IT" who cares what everybody else thinks. I didn't get pierced at the time, I just started dying my hair every color in the world. After grade eight I went into high school where I met other people like me, it was then I made the choice to get pierced. Because of my over protecting parents anything beyond my ears was a "no no". I didn't just want a standard lobe piercing(everyone has those) after a few weeks of looking I made up my mind to get my ear cartilage pierced(even though this was before, my trips to BME I just knew a gun wasn't right) and I was going to do it myself.

I took a gold ring from my mom's jewelry box and I cleaned it and the safety pin with rubbing alcohol.  As I raised the safety pin up to my ear I started to get a huge adrenaline rush and I knew I had to do it.(note: I'm getting that same rush right now as I go over this in my head) I pricked though the first layer of skin and hit the cartilage and the needle stopped.  By this time the adrenaline rush caused my face to go white, but I still had to finish and with one swift motion I shoved the pin through. I heard a slight crunch and I was pierced.  After a few minutes of waiting(I felt like I was gonna pass out) I removed the pin and inserted the earing. I cleaned the area up with more alcohol and went to show my family.

My sister thought I was crazy because I had done it myself, my mom thought the same and my dad just said that he hopes I'm happy with it because I have to live with it.

During the whole piercing experience I felt no pain at all, the next day though it hurt like a bitch!

For healing I cleaned it twice a day with rubbing alcohol and I was always turning it to remove crustys.( I still always turn my earing, just a habit I guess) After a couple of days I got used to sleeping on just one side of my head and it stopped hurting.  I crustys cleared up after about 2 weeks.   Even though I know you should not have removed the jewelry before 6 weeks I took my earing out for a day so I could mosh at a concert, I would rather have repierced than have it ripped out. But at the end of the day I was able to slide the ring in with no problem.

The only problem I have had is forgetting to take it out before moshing and it partly ripped once and started to bleed, so I had to go back to my aftercare.

I did this pierce before I even knew about BME I know I could have screwed my ear up but I am still happy I did it.  Some people are going to say that self piercing is just too dangerous but I feel that it is worth the risk just because you can take full credit for your piercing. The way I see the piercer or tattoo artist do not get enough credit for the work they do. When you see a person with a really nice tattoo you probably thing about how tough the wearer is and how cool their choice was, but you seldom think about the artist.  I love being my own canvas to the world, not someone else's.  

Since reading BME I am considering getting my rook or daith pierced, but I think that I will go to a pro just because they are both more complicated.  I found that piercing my own body had put me more in control of my life and made me a happier person.  Even though I have had my earing for about 4 months now I am still amazed every time I look in the mirror and see that shiny piece of metal shining proudly from my ear. 

Please note that even though I prefer to self pierce it is important to see a pro if you are unsure about piercing yourself because you can seriously mess up you body. I choose to self pierce because it's right for me, if you think it's right for you than do it, but if you unsure go see a pro.

Peace, love, empathy



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Nov. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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