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Dermal Punched Lobe

got my first piercing about a year and a half ago. Until recently, I have confined myself to non-visible piercings. (Insert the usual story about a conservative work environment here). I have been contemplating "coming out" with an ear piercing for about a year.

I finally decided that it was time to get it done last week. I read the experiences and looked at the pictures of various ear piercings on BME several times during the decision period. I read all the healing and stretching information in the Piercing FAQ. And I lurked on RAB for about 9 months. I finally decided to get a lobe pierced. I knew I wanted to end up with a 4 gauge or maybe a 2 gauge hole, but hadn't decided on what size or type of jewelry to start with.

So I trotted down to Infinite to chat with the folks there. I explained that I wanted to get my lobe pierced, with the goal of ultimately stretching to 4 or possibly 2 gauge and wearing an eyelet. I asked about dermal punching as a possible aid to faster healing. There was some initial resistance to accommodate me with a dermal punch, and I was advised that if I remove the jewelry later, I could not expect the hole to close. We talked a bit more and decided that since 8 gauge was really smaller than I wanted to start, the dermal punch was the right way to go.

Next, came jewelry selection. I had been thinking that I would need to start with a ring of some sort to make cleaning easier. I was concerned about the weight, and was considering going with titanium over steel. I was very pleased when they suggested going with a hollow plug. Looking at the plugs, I decided that the 4 gauge ones looked too small and decided to start with 2 gauge.

The only bad news of the day was that I'd have to wait 45 minutes, as a large group walked in just before me and all wanted to get pierced. I'd already eaten, so I wandered up to South Street and walked around for a while as my anticipation grew.

After a long 45 minute wait, it was my turn in the chair. I got to meet Megg. This is the first piercing I received from her. I got another warning that the hole would not close if I decided to remove the jewelry later, and assured her that I really did want it. Next she told me that she could use a 5 mm or 6 mm punch, and explained that the 5 mm punch would leave more lobe, while the 6 mm punch would allow for easier stretching sooner. I decided to go with 5 mm. Megg got her gear ready, then cleaned and marked my ear, and gave me a mirror to check placement. She advised me that she could move it higher if I was planning on stretching a lot, but it looked good to me. Next, she applied a clamp and placed a cork behind my ear. A couple of deep breaths, and she slid the punch through. No pain worth mentioning. After she removed the punch, she slipped a taper through and followed it with the plug.

We discussed aftercare while we waited for the bleeding to stop and she finished cleaning my ear up. It turns out that my usual regimen of antibacterial soap and sea salt soaks twice a day is appropriate. Megg advised me to keep the o-rings off of my ear, (the plug is long enough), and surprised me by advising that I remove the plug when it slips out easily in the shower. I was also advised that I might get more bleeding for a day or so, particularly if I exercised, or consumed alcohol or stimulants.

In my endorphin-induced haze, I almost forgot that tipping your piercer is appropriate. I remembered at the last instant, said thanks again, and left the shop with my usual post-piercing coprophagous grin.

Back at home, the hole did spontaneously start bleeding for a few minutes that afternoon, but soon stopped. So far, after 5 days, healing has been surprisingly uneventful. There has been no blood or swelling since the first day. I am also having absolutely no soreness, even after sleeping on it.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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