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Daith Experience in Georgia > Pyscho Tattoo

n 8. 1. 98 i got my ear daith piercing. I have been planning to get it done for about 6 months now and finally i got it done! My friend and i went to a piercing studio called Psycho Tattoo in Georgia (which i highly recommend to anyone). I walked in their a talked to Chris (my piercer) about getting a daith done, He was happy that i went to him to get it done b/c he wanted to put it in his photo album of peircings he's done. We both decided to have a small 14 gauge ring in it. I really wanted a 12, but he said it wouldn't be a good idea because of health reasons and mainly because of the placement, so i cool with that. I went in the back in one of the small privacy rooms, and we talked about the piercing, how to keep really good care of it and other piercings that i wanted and planned to go to him to pierce. While we were talking he did the usual prepping to my ear. He told me to lay back, and while i was doing this, my heart started to beat faster and faster. He then marked the areas and i looked at it and i thought it looked ok because i really couldn't see where the ring was going to be. I told him that i really couldn't see it, so he says "I have an idea, ill draw where the ring would be!" so i thought that was a good idea. He drew where the ring would be, and i looked and i thought it was * perfect *. He says "Cool! lets get started!". After he said that, my heart started to beat a little more faster. I really wasn't scared but really excited! He also handed me a mirror to see what all was going on, which i thought was cool to see. He put the receiving tube in place, then the needle... He pierced! It wasn't to painful, but the best thing was watching the needle go threw!!! I was so amazed! He said "hey i think this is going to look really wicked on you!" I was thinking "Heeeeeelll yeeaaahhhh!" He then put the ring in, and then the bead which was a little hard for him. He says "ok your done, take a look and tell me what you think". I stood up and looked in the mirror and i thought it was the best piercing i had !!! the markings were pierced exactly! he then said, "Your ear looks like it was born to have that ring in!"!

I was so happy! I showed my friend, and he thought it looked wicked also! I paid and left! and that was my experience for my ear daith piercing. After it heals i plan to stretch it up to a 10 gauge hopefully, but definitely a 12 gauge!

First week of healing

1st day, - my ear is -really- sore and the ring is hard to move due to the swelling. Cleaning is a little hard to do because of the deep placement. Their is a lot of discharge, which is normal. It gets real sore when you wake up and your head is resting on the bed of the side where its peirced.

2nd day, - my ear is pretty much the same, although not as much discharge as was on it yesterday. its still really sore, but its not like its unbearable or anything like that.

3rd day, - The new peircing is not as sore, and the ring now moves a little bit better that before. Warm soaks of warm water and sea salt work wonders! Sleeping problem still occurs.. Discharge is the same amount like the day before.

4th day, - Everything from day 3 is the same as today. Although the annoying sleeping problem has calmed down a bit. Cleaning is now not a problem.

5th day, - My ear soreness has decreased a lot! The ring moves a little bit more freely than before. The amounts of discharge are still the same (as normal). Im still of course using warm soaks of sea salts and that really helps a lot! Ive started to eat a lot of fruit, and that shockingly helps a lot also.

6th day, - Soreness is still the same and all, ring now moves freely and the discharge stills continues as always. I still continue the use of Vitamins, sea salt soaks, and eating healthy, which helps a lot.

7th day, - 7th day is the same as the 6th day.

 I hoped this expierence has helped you understand more about daith pierings!

If you're in Georgia, and deciding to get a piercing / tattoo, i suggest you go to Pyscho Tattoo. The will help you on your questions and their expertise will please you a whole lot!

 If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at

[email protected]

Later, Mr. ODDity


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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