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Ooooh....crunchy (my dermaled conch experience) (jon cobb)

on Cobb did my conch with a dermal punch, and I was unsure of what it would be like at first. Not nervous, just curious about a different experience (needles, I know well). I decided on a 4ga pyrex plug to start with, so he used a 2ga punch. I was very impressed with Jon's table side manner. He explained everything, sketched out placement options with my current jewelry included so I could see how it would look together, and was very concerned with my comfort and making this a good experience for me. After we decided on placement, he had me lay down on my side, then he cleaned and marked my ear. When we were both ready, he matched my breathing pattern and pushed.

Since my cartilage is so thick, what he thought was the punch hitting the cork was actually it hitting the second layer of cartilage. Once Jon realized this, he pushed again and the punch was through. There wasn't really any pain at all, but the sound was an interesting experience. It sounded like I would imagine someone eating an apple inside your ear would sound. He had told me ahead of time that if there was trouble with clotting theh he would heat up a taper and cauterize the hole (a little more info than I really needed, but whatever), but there was no such problem. He put in some gauze to stop the bleeding, and then put in the plug.

Once the jewelry was in, Jon started to clean my ear, and I told him that there was some blood pooling in my ear canal, and I was having trouble hearing him. After two attempts on his part to get all of the blood out, he gave me a q-tip, and I dug around until I dislodged a clot and let out a gush of blood. Someone said that it looked like cranberry sauce, but I didn't see for myself. Another interesting sight was the hunk of quivering cartilage that was removed from my ear. Jon took it out of the punch to show it to me, and asked if I wanted to save it. He said it was probably the thickest piece he'd ever seen. I thought momentarily about saving it to make it into a captive for a ring or something, but decided against it, so it went into the trash. I got up from the table and gave
Jon a big ol' bear hug, and we were done.

I had a little bit of keloiding as a result of the o-rings on the plug being too tight, so a few weeks later, I switched to an acrylic ring. This cleared up the scar tissue on one side, but sleeping on that ear and using the phone caused some pulling on the ring, which led to some more keloiding on the other side. I have now switched to a steel plug, and the scar tissue seems to have gone for now.

I found the process of the punching interesting, but I haven't noticed much of a difference in terms of healing. In my experience, it is an effective way to get a large hole quickly (I probably wouldn't have stretched my cartilage this much if I started with a more "standard" size), and I had very little trouble with this pierce. If it meets your needs, I'd say to go ahead and try it, it worked for me.

peace josh

"Even though you know a thousand things, ask the man who knows one." http://www.wam.umd.edu/~obmf


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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