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Tragus, Nipples, and lobes oh my!

'm don't exactly fit the average piercee's profile. I'm a young college student who mostly shops at Old Navy & the Gap and I have relatively conservative parents who live in an upscale neighborhood. When you first look at me you wouldn't expect me to be that type of person, but I am, and quite proud of it!

A little over a year ago I was introduced into the piercing scene. A friend of mine had his ears gauged, and a labret piercing. I wanted to get my right ear pierced anyways, (the left one was already done) so I moved on down to HTC in Tempe, AZ to get my ears done at a 14q. It was a completely different experience to me. Previously I had been pierced in the mall at one of those cheesy jewelery shops, but now I was in a completely professional enviornment. It wasn't painful, and I left there with a good feeling.

I had to take out the rings a few months later for job purposes. I wanted to keep the rings as they had sentimental value, so I needed to figure out where to pierce myself with a pair of 14g rings. The only logical place for me was my nipples, so I went down and got it done.

I've felt pain before, but nothing like this. It was a completely different sensation. It hurt, but not like a bad hurt. It was workable, and I dealt with it. Unfortunately though, I made the mistake of wearing a heavy shirt, so it didn't help on the fresh rings, but I did feel like a new man.

I was hooked. I needed to do it again, and I needed to pierce myself somewhere else. My ears were yearning to be stretched, so I once I discovered that it was cool with my work, I went down to HTC again.

10g was the next step for me, so I stretched into it. It burned a bit, but it still was cool. It was pain that was manageable. Since then I have moved onto an 8g, then to my current 6g plugs. I'll probably go to a 2g and put the 8's through them for variety.

Since then I have also gotten my Tragus pierced. It was another different experience. After the procedure, I did feel very light headed. I really have to thank everyone down at HTC for the time they put into their customers. Some shops would push people out and wish them luck, but when I felt funny, they were cool, and I appreciate that. The tragus now looks great and I love the complements I get on it. One of my favorite incidences of that was when I was in Macy's this past Christmas getting my mom a present. As I was paying at the perfume counter this saleswoman was staring at my ear. She leans in and quietly says, "Did that hurt?" I leaned into her and responded, "Not as bad as my nipples."

I'm still looking for another funky piercing, and I'm thankful to BME for providing the pics for the research. Thanks again!

-Kevin Whipps


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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