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my lobe stretching

I was off to get a new piercing ( my septum to be exact) at NEXT body piercing and aftercare in Vancouver BC. One of the piercers there Jenn had done all my other piercings so of course she did this one. While she was putting the needle through my nose i noticed the big holes through her ears and i thought to myself "I have to have these".

When i got home the first thing i did was log on to BME to find a way to

do this. After looking at all my options i decided to do it myself. I already had to gun pierced holes from when i was a kid so i decided to go with these ones.I went to a local craft store to pick up some knitting needles.(I didn't see the 2mm needle) so i started with a 3mm needle. That night i got lots of KY lubricant drenched the 3mm needle with it and proceeded to push it through.This wasn't working so i started to twist the needle and it slowly started going through.This was when the pain started,there was blood all over the place, but it stopped soon after.Then there was the other ear that basically went the same way.I left those in for abot 4 months to let them heal.

Then it was time to stretch again I took one of the 4mm needles and this

went through very easy, so eager stupid me took the 5mm and put that through too,it felt like it went through easy to,but i took it out the next morning and again there was blood everywhere.so I let that heal and i only stretched 1mm at a time from then on.

I was now at 10mm and i couldnt find any bigger Knitting needles. So after

searching everywhere i couldn't find anything. One night i was over at my uncles having dinner i told him my problem. He went into his room and got the bullets from his 30/30 rifle and asked if they would work. I inspected them and figured they would. I took them in the bathroom and proceeded to put them through,This time it was very painful. Thinking i tore them again i took them out, But there was no blood and i put them back in. Waking up the next morning i took them out to put some tape around them,and realized that a had tore my lobes again.

I finally got real jewlery some nice 3/8 single flared flesh tunnels i

thought at first that these things were big, but a week later they wern't big enough any more.

So i got some new 5/8 double flared flesh tunnels. I figured these would

go right in but i was wrong.So i decided to hang Master Locks from my ears. After two days of that and no stretching i decided to use those round wrench ends (wratchets i think they are called). I finally found ones that would fit my ears and i had to stretch to 17mm before i could fit my new jewlery in. When i was putting in the 16 mm i had done it again to my right ear (it was torn).So having to heal again this made it take more time.

Finally they were all healed and i had my 5/8 flesh tunnels in. I have had

them in for the last 3 months and i am very happy with them.Again i thought they were really big in my ears but i look at them now and see they aren't big enough.

Recently I E-Mailed the nice people at Urban Primitive to ask about a way

to break down all the scar tissue in my ears this is what they told me to do.

(an e-mail from maribelle at UrbanPrimitive)

The first thing you need to do is pick up
some castor oil. The directions are as follows:

1) Warm some castor oil to "hot bath" temperature (should be very warm, but
not to the point of discomfort).

2) Soak a guaze pad in the oil and apply to the scar tissue. Allow to sit
until cool.

3) Remove guaze and vigorously massage the oil into the scar tissue

4) Repeat 2x daily.

This method has proven to be very effective at breaking down keloiding, but
may be ineffective depending on how long the keloiding has gone unchecked.

And it works!!!!!!! Although I still have some scar tissue it is not even

close to the amount i had before.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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