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new RoOk...loOks InsAne... i Love it

Well, people, I have done it again, and I now have 12 ear piercings!!! 4 in the right and left ears, 2 in the right cart. And 1 in the left cart... And what I just did??? An awesome as hell looking ROOK!!! I came across this piercing by accident as I was looking for a tragus piercing. Then I saw the rook and thought, holy shit, what the hell is this!?!?! it looked soooo awesome, that I decided that I had to get it done. Two days later, and I was headed to the piercing shop after school. I went to SACRED (on canal street) (SACRED TATTOO), the best piercing store I have ever seen in NYC, it does so many kinds of body art, tattoos, henna, piecing, etc. And its sooo clean, with the nicest people...the piercer is West, and he's super nice.

 About 4 weeks ago, i met him when i went to get my tongue pierced, the

2nd time in 1 year... (i lost the first ring, but that's a whole story in itself) this time i was there with three friends of mine, and i was scared as hell because i heard the rook, tragus, and all those other odd cart piercings are the most painful to get...and West told me that too, he warned me of the pain the piercing is, and the pain afterwards...as i write this i have a dull headache b/c of the piercing, its like a throbbing pain that travels from the piercing site to the head...ahhhh, but IM liven still. anyway, i talked to west about it, and he told me he could do it, and that it would be 30 bucks... i was still kinda nervous so i told him I'd be back in about 20 minutes...

 I went outside with my friends and got something to drink, had some

ibuprofin, and watched the cast of NYPD BLUE taping across the street from SACRED. Then when I i was ready, we went in, and waited while he prepared. We went into the piercing room, and he asked me what kind of jewelry I wanted. I picked a stainless steel CBR, 17g (maybe 18g?) He got a 16g needle, and I watched as he bent the sharp needle into a curve, so it could go through the thick cartilage. We talked a bit about some of his own piercings, and things like the oddest piercings he's ever done, I was happy for the talking, b/c it took my mind away from the thought of what was going to happen to me. He marked the spot he was going to pierce, but we had to fix it a few times, b/c the place where I wanted it would be tough for him to do. I was actually feeling a little dizzy from all the pain killers I downed like 20 minutes before, so I knew I wasn't going to feel as much pain as the next person would. We finally agreed on a mutual spot both of us were comfortable with and he told me to inhale...and when he said exhale, he would do it...."EXHALE"...and then i felt the SHARP pain as the needle went through me, and a loud CRUNCH as it went through to the other side...IT ACTUALLY CRUNCHED!!! and it wasn't even over yet! = O

 He left the needle there while he got the ring...he put the ring in,

which relieved a little of the pain b/c the needle was a bigger gauge than the ring...but then he had to clamp the ring shut, which hurt a lil...then i looked in the mirror, and OH MY GOD, did that thing look awesome!!!! i was so happy, i got up and hugged West and thanked him for doing it so well. It wasn't at all as painful as many of the online people made it seem. Taking care of it that can be tricky, b/c its kind of far into the ear, so reaching the back of it can be tough...and its really sore and sensitive ... its been 8 days since I've had it, its a dull pain, but I can deal with it, especially since it looks so good!!! =) I actually think it may be a little bit infected, and I've been cleaning it like crazy, but a bit of advice, don't over clean it b/c that can erode new fresh needed skin from the piercing spot. Try to keep it minimal, to like twice a day ... Salt soaks are good, and alcohol is great if u can stand that first initial sting u get from it. Also try some bacitracin, its great for quickening the healing process.

 i left sacred, i told west he could bet on me coming back soon for my

tragus to get done!


any questions u guys want to ask, just email me at [email protected] or [email protected]! =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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