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while back, after having my amp done, my nipples done (nice & deep), and a couple cuttings and brandings I decided to go for the craziest piercings of all...THE LOBES!

I had been developing an interest in the whole stretching process, I had already done some on my nips and the idea of someday having pop can sized lobes was starting to really grow on me. So, with stretching in mind I talked it over with my piercer (Sage, previously of NNUBA, now working at the Underground in Van) and we began with the idea of starting at 10g. I liked the concept of not having to buy too much jewelry along the road of stretch, so the bigger the better. I had heard much of the dermal punching being done, but I didn't really want to remove too much tissue in the beginning, I wante as much left to prevent any thinning out that might occur in my pop-can future. So, we decided (partly based on my willingness to experiment, as well as what seems to be a high threshhold [or desire] for pain) to try to start with a 6g needle, followed by a four gauge taper immediately.

My appointment day came, I was a bit anxious, and when I saw the needle size I knew I was in for some extra deep-breathing. Sage prepped up, cleaned and took extra care to mark me in the perfect location, checked, double checked, and we were ready to go.

POP! The needly made this strange sound as it passed through my lobe, the pain was minimal - alot less than I had expected - and my ears were filled with a nice warm sensation. Then the taper went through, no problem, no pain, then he inserted my new jewelry - a 4g CBR, beautiful. He proceeded to complete the next lobe in the same fashion, it went great. I got up, looked in the mirror...they were perfectly aligned, amazing looking piercings.

Sage, in knowing of my aim to stretch placed them in the perfect position to do so.

My lobes took about 1 month to completely heal, and when I went to stretch them up into plugs I was in for a bit of a surprise... The four gauge captives were a nice weight and during the healing process they helped by allowing a splinter of space for the air to enter above the jewelry. I feel this helped a geat deal, but it also left me with enough space to stretch up.. to 00!

Yes, my ears went from a 4g to a 00 without much of a problem. I was told there was a miniscule tear in my right lobe, but I never saw any sign of it, or recieved any problems, and have since stretched up to 1/2 inch.. I love my lobes, they give me so much pleasure. I often refer to my interst in the body arts as my fountain of youth..whenever I get some new work done, say, a new stretch, I feel completely rejuvinated in the way one does after recieving a new hair cut, only about ten times as powerful. I do believe that the mind and body are intrinsically connected, and they grow in response to, and with, each other. This is why I love them needles, bye for now, enjoy yourself.

any inquiries [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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