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Snug Experience at Phoenix Body Piercing

g Experience at Phoenix Body Piercing

Snug Experience at Phoenix Body Piercing

1996 has been a big year for getting piercings for me: my nipples in June; tongue in September; transverse lobe in October and to finish out the year, a pair of snugs done last night by Christophe Deal at Phoenix Body Piercing.

Chris and I arranged a trade-out for the snugs in which I gave my professional services as a typesetter for his as a piercer. I think we're both happy with the results. I love the barter system!

This was the first time that Chris had done a snug, but I have known him for years and he has demonstrated his skill as a piercer in the performance of my transverse lobe piercing (which is healing nicely and giving me minimal problems, BTW).

When I told Chris what I wanted, I also showed him a printout of the snugs from BME (thank you so much for BME, Shannon!) so we would both be on the same wavelength about the piercing. He measured my ear and checked it for blood vessels that might be in the way and agreed to try the piercing for me. We talked about jewelry size and gauge the week before and agreed on 16 ga. barbells with an extra 1/8" length for cleaning.

Last night I showed up at Phoenix ready for the pierces. It was the first time that I wasn't jittery beforehand, which I think made the whole experience much easier. We talked while he cleaned the piercing area and got his tools ready. I must stress that he takes great care about hygiene and cross-contamination and makes me feel quite comfortable about the cleanliness of his setup.

We ran into a snag when he marked my ear because I just couldn't see the outer markings even with a mirror because of the way my head and ear curve, but I could see the inner marks and they looked good to me. Chris checked to see if there would be room for the two barbells without touching and there looked to be enough space for the two side-by-side.

Time for the hard part. I read the snug stories I could find on R.A.B. and figured that I could expect something not really pleasant. I could feel Chris getting the needle ready and started that special "piercing breathing" we all know and love. It was a hard push and a pain completely unlike that of any other piercing I've had and a lot easier to deal with. I figured it was a good sign that I felt okay enough to cuss. =) The endorphins kicked in while Chris was getting the next needle and I was ready for the second one. The second pierce was much the same, a hard push and a weird, not-pleasant sensation.

I took a look at the two barbells sticking in my ear and was pretty satisfied. Chris wasn't happy with the placement of the first one because it wasn't as straight as the other, he said he could take it out and let the hole heal and try it again, but I carry my masochism only so far and didn't feel up to doing this again at a later date. We ran into another problem when he put the balls on the barbells and found that since the first one wasn't completely straight, the balls rubbed together. Again he suggested that he could take the barbell out, but I'm going to give this a try. Next week when they come in, we're putting smaller balls on the barbells to stop the contact and I think that the slight angle on the top pierce will be unnoticeable once I can shorten the barbells.

Today my ear is swollen and sensitive, but I can move the barbells enough to clean my ear and I'm committed to babying this for a while to see what comes. At least I had them done on the same side as the transverse so I can sleep on my right side, if not my left. =)

Fun, fun, fourteen holes and now I'm out of ideas (for now)...time for a new tattoo! Yippee!!!


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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