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Tragus Experience

gus Experience

Back in the summer of '95, I went to visit a friend in Las Vegas who was in the air force. A bucnch of us decided to go to the raceway there, to pass some time. While we were there, there were a bunch of guys sitting on the bleachers right in front of us and one of them had the most unique piercing I had ever seen! Of course I now know that this is a tragus piercing or as he called it a "dragon tongue piercing". I said to everyone there that I was going to do that, and couldn't get my mind off it for quite some time.

A few months had passed, and I still hadn't done it, but thought about it everyday! I asked around and no one had ever heard of such a thing (I am from a small town area in upstate New York). I was so determined to do this!!!

I called around and found a tatoo parlor in a nearby city that would do it for $55. Being strapped for cash I was shocked and thought that I would have to wait. Then a friend of mine said that he knew of this girl at the college that he used to attend that would pierce anything for $5!!! I couldn't get there fast enough!

I met up with this girl, and brought along a number of "spectators" that couldnt believe that I would do it. They told me horror stories that blood would gush for hours, etc....I didn't care. I wanted this more than anything at that moment. The girl was known as the "campus piercer" and had a state of the art department store piercing gun she bought on sale for $19.95. She had never done a piercing like this before and was as nervous as I was. I had brought a stud but it wasn't shaped right to fit in her gun, so she used one that she had laying around. She seemed to know what she was doing and used all the precausionary measures of sterilizing and such. She handed me a teddy bear and told me to squeeze it, while she put the gun on my tragus. It was a tight fit. She got it in place and asked me twice if I was sure I wanted to go through with this I just replied "Do it!"

With a quick click and a slight crunch it was done! I couldnt believe it! It hardly hurt and the sudden sigh of relief coming from the still growing crowd in this dorm room was amazing.

I love it! It has been quite some time and I have had no problems. I took the stud out after about five weeks and put in a hoop. I have had various hoops since then. I still alot of remarks like "did that hurt?" or "Is that really pierced?". Some people can't even look at it. But I love it.

Editor's note: Most professional piercers agree that piercing guns do not provide an adequate level of sterility and should be avoided for that reason.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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