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Friday, April 11 was a great day in the history of what is

turning out to be Bobby's ear project. Granted, there are only two pieces of jewelry, (industrial with a 14 gauge 1-3/8 inch SS barbell, and my new anti-tragus with a 7/16 inch 14 gauge Niobium CBR) but I've got the itch, and so it seems that I'm just getting started.

Anyway, I was looking for pictures for a while before hand of

anti-tragus piercings with little luck, and of course, after I finally head down to Perforations and did it, BME is updated that very same day with pictures.

I actually failed when I showed up at Perforations on an empty

stomach, so Jason sent me down the street to the grocery store before anything went down. For the record, I had a turkey and swiss on a kaiser roll and a Coke and a smile.

Now with tummy full and blood sugar levels rising, Jason got set

up. The pierce actually ended up being not perfectly perpendicular to my head, but perpendicular to my anti-tragus, which made sense and also made the hole go through less of my ear. Jason spent quite a long time getting it exactly right, which gave me time to practice my breathing technique. Then, he sort of slipped the ring on my ear, so that we could verify how beautiful it would look when it was actually in there for real. Then he placed the foreceps, which I think we can all agree is never a fun thing, especially since he had to bend my ear all the way down to look inside, where the exit hole would be.

Incidently, we had toyed with the ideas of: 1)doing it freehand

2)using a needle receiving tube and 3)using forceps and cork. We settled for the last option, which made me happy because I like the idea of the foreceps, for reasons which are unknown to me.

As far as the actually piercing, it went smoothly, complete with

requisite pain and blood, but it was over quickly enough. I love it, especially the way the captive bead ring is 'upside down' from the way you usually see them. Jason may love it more than me! He said that he was in a bad mood prior, but that I/my new pierce had made him forget whatever it was that was troubling him. We got a picture for his portfolio (picture Beavis/Cornholio going, "portfolio?"), and he sent me on my way. Today, when I went back to Perforations (unrelated, I just needed a new captive bead) he had everyone in the shop checking it out, since he had been telling everyone about it. That was kind of cool.

Like Jason said, ears are fun, because no two are the same, and he

put it nicely, "Doing one [ear pierce] tells you nothing about how to do the next one..."

Thanks again to Jason, and to you for reading this.  Feel free to


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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