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daith experience at gauntlet NYC

th experience at gauntlet NYC

i had wanted a daith piercing for a long time. last summer, i'd stare

at pictures of them on bme, liking how they looked. finally, when i was in new york city for spring break last march, i had the opportunity to do so. being from Milwaukee, i only knew of two places to go in NYC: venus modern body arts and gauntlet. someone on isca had recommended venus to me, so i tried there. i was walking around the east village and finally found it. however, for some reason they were closing up in the middle of the afternoon. i was severely disappointed, but not deterred. i was determined to get it done.

so i found a pay phone and called gauntlet to find out where their shop

was located. of course, they were uptown a bit. luckily, it was a nice day, so i walked up there. soon enough i found it. i went in and made an appointment for 3:30pm the next afternoon. i knew i'd be nervous -- especially since i had to go back by myself - but at least i was happy.

friday afternoon arrived. i hopped on the subway from queens and took

it into manhattan. i was surprisingly calm. when i had gotten my last piercing done (my septum), i had been super nervous. but not now. i went to grab a bite to eat, so i wouldn't have an empty stomach. i actually arrived at gauntlet about 20 minutes early, hoping they could take me then.

i must say that i was surprised at how nice the people were there. one

of the guys behind the counter (don't know what his name was) started asking me about the music scene in milwaukee when he found out that i was from out of town. we chatted for a bit until it was time. before this, Mic, who pierced me, showed me the type of jewelry they recommended, an 18ga CBR. at first he grabbed a smaller one, looked at my ear, then opted for one large in diameter to allow for swelling.

then it was time. i walked in back and was surprised to see how many

partitions they had for piercing. i laughed to myself because it reminded me of a hospital ER, where they have all the beds partitioned off by curtains. this area had the same setup.

i was still really calm. mic cleaned my ear, then marked it, and tried

to show me where the markings were. i could see the one on the outside of the daith, but i didn't bother trying too look at the one on the inside. i trusted his judgement. then it was time for the actualy piercing. he lowered the chair back some, so i was lying back but still elevated. i was not quite prepared for what came next.

the pain was intense, but slow. it took several seconds for the needle

to go through. this was the only piercing ever that made me vocally express my displeasure. it hurt. like hell. mic smugly replied, "well, it is a thick area to pierce." i hadn't realized how thick.

finally, though, the needle was through. i could breathe again, because

the pressue was realieved. that's more of what it was. an intense pressue. however, putting the ring in was also painful.

then came the scary part. the hearing went out in my ear. i freaked,

thinking to myself "you've really done it this time." i must have had a worried look on my face, because before i said anything mic asked what was wrong. i told him that i couldn't hear anything in my ear. he looked at it, and told me to hold on, it was just clogged with blood. ugh. needless to say, once he cleaned it again, all was fine. my hearing was restored.

it has now been two months since i had my daith pierced. it's healing

really well. it was a pain to clean at first, with the exit hole being deep inside my ear. the pain of getting the piercing done balanced out with the ease of healing it. since it is so deep within my ear, i was able to sleep on that side of my head and put the phone up to my ear relatively soon after having it done, without even bumping the ring.

i would recommend the piercing, but just be aware of the pain involved.

that is the one thing that i wish i would have known about before getting it done. otherwise, though, i'm very happy with it. aesthetically speaking, it's probably my favorite piercing.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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