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Helix Pierce Experience

ix Pierce Experience

Helix Pierce Experience

Ever since having my first ever piercing about a month ago (my tongue), I've been thinking what to get done next. I've heard tons of horror stories about the guy who did my tongue since having it so I decided not to go there again (Renegades in Dundee, Scotland). I'd been told that there was a really experienced piercer elsewhere in Dundee so I thought I'd check it out.

The shop is basically a tattoo shop (as most are in Britain) called Graeme's Tattoo Studio. I'd been there once before to get a tattoo, so knew the place was clean (a hell of a lot cleaner than the other place). I went in and, for a laugh, asked Phil (the piercer) if he'd pierce my uvula. I'd been trying to decide which particular ear pierce to get done for the last few weeks, and still hadn't figured which one to get first. I eventually decided that it didn't matter as I'm probably going to get the lot eventually so the first one that came into my mind was the one I got.

I'm not sure if it has a particular name, but it's the part of the helix just where it joins at the temple, just above my tragus. I'd never seen a pierce there before, but then Dundee's a bit of a backwater as far as piercing goes. I asked Phil if he'd seen one of these before, and he said he hadn't but it was nice to be piercing something other than navels.

He took longer preparing than the other piercer had, which I took as a good sign, and he made some deliberation on the composition of the pierce (I'm glad he did as it looks fantastic) deciding to pierce in line with my rook (presuming that's an anatomical term as well as the name for a pierce). He cleaned the area thoroughly as possible and marked the position he would pierce. Then came the clamp.

I had been fine up to this point, but now I could feel my pulse racing. I started slowing my breathing and he began pushing the needle through my ear. I was expecting a lot of pain even though my tongue hadn't hurt much, but it wasn't too bad. Sure, I could feel it, but what fascinated me was the sound it made as it went through. Sort of a "plip" noise. I had expected him to just pull the needle out and shove the ring through as had been done last time, but he took a lot more time over this one. I couldn't tell what he was doing and didn't want to distract him by asking! Then it was all over.

I was so glad I didn't pass out this time!

I went and had a look at it in the mirror and it was great, just what I'd wanted. I stuck around for a while discussing various piercings, and I'm even less sure what to get next. I'm thinking about getting my conch pierced with a ring going round the lobe, but then I'm also thinking about orbitals, daiths, traguses (tragi?), industrials.... Just as well I have two ears!

Cleaning the pierce is a bit of a pain. One side of it is easy enough, but the other is deep in a fold. Still, it's worth the time it takes.

Painwise, this was easy. Almost disappointing. It stung a bit for about an hour afterwards, and I woke up a bit suddenly last night after rolling over onto it in my sleep, but most of the time I don't notice it.

I'll tell you about the new ones as they come!


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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