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More ear piercings...

e ear piercings...

Well, my ears are finished. For the moment. I now have six piercings on the left side and three on the right side. No particular reason why there's twice as many on the left, but I had a bizarre conversation with some one who pointed out to me that the way I had my ears pierced made me 33% gay. I pointed out to him that his statement made him 100% stupid.

Some of the piercings I've already written about and are already on the BME (helix, tragus, antitragus, lower conch -all in the left ear). I'd decided I wasn't particularly happy with the way they went together, but purely due to the jewellery I had in. The conch was alright, the antitragus needed a curved barbell that was shorter than the straight one I already had, the tragus needed a ring that was smaller in diameter, and the helix needed a larger guage ring. So I went in to see Phil at Grahams Tattoo Studio in Dundee to see if I could get them. Turned out that the jewellery I wanted would have to be ordered especially as they're rather strange sizes.

As I didn't want to have had a wasted trip I decided to get a couple more piercings... okay! I admit it, I was going to anyway!

The first one I got was situated on the antihelix, at the wide part just before it splits into the lower (rook) and upper crus. Now I previously said that my tragus was the most painful. That was after I'd had my tragus and antitragus for only half an hour though and looking back, although the tragus was more intensely painful, the antitragus caused more problems as far as pain afterwards went. These didn't get infected at all which was good, but the antitragus didn't stop bleeding for more than 24 hours. There's a lot of blood vessels in that area so one of these was probably severed. The antihelix was a totally different sensation to any of the others. Not quite as intense as the tragus, but prolonged. I got a barbell put through it and although there was a good 1/8th of an inch free to accomodate any swelling and to aid cleaning, it wasn't enough! It quickly became swollen to the extent where cleaning was really difficult and then it developed into a full blown infection! My fault! A few days on antibiotics sorted that out though. This is by far my favourite piercing so far. It looks amazing.

I also got another three piercings done on the same day to finish off the general composition of my ears (that's the frustrated artist in me speaking!) I got the lobes of both ears done and the bit just as the lobe and helix meet on the right ear. Hold on, I've missed one! I got the helix on my left ear done as well, just opposite the previous one. I think that's them all! None of these hurt much, the helix a bit, the lobes not at all. I could feel them, but it wasn't really a sensation that could be equated to pain (especially after the antihelix!) These ones didn't get infected or anything. No problems at all.

I have to say that having my ears done has been a bit of an adventure, and I'm a little sad that there's not really any room for more. I'm going to stretch the lobes and maybe once they're stretched put a transverse piercing through the right lobe. I keep seeing areas of my ears that would look good with another ring in them, but too much and they'll end up looking cluttered. I guess there's plenty of other things to get pierced, but where first???

I'll send some photos once I get the new jewellery...


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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