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The Holey Man


Date: Fri, 27 Sep 1996 00:54:05 -0400 From: Joseph G.

The Holey Man

My name is Joseph, AKA The Holey Man. My tats include a highly stylized, near tribal spider and a Yin Yang on the upper left arm, The Buddha sitting on the seven headed cobra Mucalinda on the upper right arm, and an elfin she-warrior from the right ankle to the knee.

On May 22, 1996 after watching my younger daughter get her navel pierced I got into a conversation with the piercer about how my career as a psychotherapist and Deputy clinical director at a local sheriff's juvenile bootcamp precluded me from getting my septum pierced. Both my daughters (15 & 26) have nostril piercings (the 15 year old also has a navel pierce) and my son (24) has a nipple pierced. At that time I had three well healed holes in my left earlobe and one in my right and put in small jewelry on weekends. He introduced me to a septum retainer that could be flipped up for work and later that evening I got a 10ga pierce. I started reading everything i could get my hands on from the WWWeb and ordered a copy of Modern Primitives. As a long time student of entheobotanicals and "primitive cultures" I became totally involved. As an impatient and sometimes reckless enthusiast I moved along at a very rapid rate. I read about going right to larger guages on the rec.arts.bodyarts group and got a second pierce in my right ear using a 10ga needle followed immediately with 6ga taper and 6ga jewelry. That night I started stretching the lower hole in my left earlobe. That was mid-June.

Today I got my septum stretched to 2ga. for the second time. I had some infection problems the first time (about 5 weeks ago) which I cleared up with Echinacea-Goldenseal Blend taken internally and tea tree oil applied to the area. The first time I tried to go from 4ga to 2ga it was a major fiasco.

I had a 2ga earlette I wanted to put in and after a loooong slow stretch we tried to get the earlette in but it wouldn't go. The end of the taper pin was concave to take the rounded end of a ring and the earlette, being flat, kept getting sideways and mashing the septum.
After the seventh attempt tears were running down my face. Michelle, the tattooist at this shop, dug into her personal stuff and came up with a 2ga captive bead ring about an inch and a quarter across. She said "I lost the bead but this will follow the pin through." I was really not thinking clearly with all the pain and frustration so we did it. Then I went back to another tattooshop to get my latest tattoo, the elfin she-warrior from my right knee to the ankle (I had previously made that appointment and didn't want to miss it). When I got home my wife freaked out. We had dinner reservations at a very middle class restaurant with some therapist friends and a psychologist, his wife and her dad. We went. I never got such looks but everybody in our party was cool about it or at least polite. The next day we went to Busch Gardens, a local tourist attraction in Tampa. I loved the attention. Anyhow, it was now Sunday night and I knew I couldn't go to work Monday with that ring hanging out of my nose. Soooo, fortified with a few beers and some aspirin (I don't usually do this for a pierce or stretch but the nose was still very sore and I HAD to get that jewelry changed), I got the ring out and after three or four more tries and more damage got in the 2ga labret stud from my right ear to go in and held it with a rubber grommet. What a BAD move! By Tuesday my nose was red and swollen and infected. The medic at the Bootcamp had another fit and scared the shit out of me with septum horror stories. When he pointed out that Michael Jackson, who can afford the best medical care in the world, is now wearing a prosthesis on his nose, I agreed to take the stud out. I started on massive doses of healing herbs and a serious soaking and cleansing regimen. By the following Sunday things had settled down and I reinserted my 6ga retainer.

The lower hole in my left ear is 1/2 inch ga and the other two are at 10 and 12ga. My right ear is 00ga and 10 ga. I have started carving my own jewelry from Boar tusk and camelbone. Today I gave my favorite piercer a gift of a 00ga camelbone earplug inset with a black opal triplet and picked up a 5/8 inch ga earlett made with SSS snap ring retainers instead of rubber grommets. As soon as I make a suitable fleshtone FIMO insert for it, in it goes! I realize I have moved faster than is generally recommended but my two medical advisors (ARNP and MD) have been monitoring my progress carefully, in between horror stories about what COULD happen.

Be well, peaceful and happy, The Holey Man

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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