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Bad piercing experience

g experience

Bad piercing experience

This is a warning to anyone thinking about getting their cartilege piercings done somewhere that uses the gun. I was stupid enough not to do any research on piercing before I went to the mall to get it done (I have two upper ear cartilege piercings in each ear). The store I went to would not use anything but the gold-plated earrings for the upper ear, they said it was because it was more "natural" and my body would accept it better. I knew this was bullshit, because I had had surgical steel plates in my arm for a year after I broke it and nothing bad ever happened, but they wouldn't do it otherwise and I really wanted it, so I let them.

The piercing itself didn't hurt at all, but the stupid bitch doing it didn't pierce all the way through on one side and she had to push it through with her hands, she was wearing rubber gloves at least. That made me really unhappy, not to mention the fact that she pierced me crookedly. Anyway, I was happy with them at first. I got infected really soon after (they recommended using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning), but I didn't think much of it because my earlobes got infected every time I pierced them. This infection came and went frequently, so I exchanged the studs they put in for rings. Again, I didn't research what kind of metal to use, so I ended up with sterling silver rings, another no-no because they tarnish and make the infection worse.

So I lived with nearly constant infections for about nine months until I found a faq about body piercing and what kind of metals to use. Really soon after reading that, I went to a tattoo/piercing studio and got some very nice rings (surgical stainless steel this time). My ears have finally healed, I was lucky enough not to have gotten any keloids or scar tissue, and I am ready to go get some more piercings.

My only advice to people getting new piercings is to research what you are getting and who you are getting it from and be careful. And stay away from the mall! The store that did my piercings was also advertising navel piercings - with the gun. I shudder to think who they have mangled with that thing.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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