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Lobe piercing at Rites of Passage

e piercing at Rites of Passage

Lobe piercing at Rites of Passage

  1. Who

Why me, of course.

  1. What

A multiple lobe piercing experience at Rites of Passage. I previously had 2 1/2" 14ga CBR's in each lobe and I wanted to double that.

  1. Why

I've always liked the look of multiple lobe piercings and with a job change to a much more laid back environment, I would be able to finally do it without getting any crap from the pseudo management wannabes that always seemed to take an inordinate amount of interest in what other people wanted to do with themselves.

  1. Where

Rites of Passage is located just outside of Boston proper in Allston, a haven for poor students and artisis. I have heard many good things about them from previous customers and decided that I would give them them a shot and see how they were. I made an appointment for the following afternoon and waited for the time to pass until then.

  1. When

I arrived a little early for the appointment and met the piercer Juliette. I filled out the standard consent form and we discussed what I wanted. I told her that I already had jewelry and presented them (still in the autoclave bags I recieved them in) and she took them into the piercing room to get her things ready.

  1. How

I sat in the chair as Juliete was pulling on latex gloves and she asked if I had any allergies to iodine. After I said no she swabbed the lobes and removed the excess iodine with sterile gauze. She then marked the position of the rings, handed me a mirror and asked if I approved of the placement. I told her I did and she put the mirror back on it's hook and re-gloved. She opened the 4 needles she would need and removed the balls on the rings, got forceps and cork and we were ready for action.

Juliette clamped the first area, backed up the forceps with the cork and the needle was through. The ring followed the needle and then the ball was snapped into place. The actions were repeated again on the same lobe and once again, I was presented with the mirror. The placements were spot on and there were now a quartet of 14ga CBR's in my right ear lobe.

Juliette again hung the mirror back on the wall and again re-gloved and moved to start on my left ear. The process, as well as the speed and efficiency was duplicated on this side and I soon found myself looking in the mirror again at my left ear. One of the holes seemed to hang a little differently than the others and upon examination, it seems that the exit of the needle was a bit off. When I had my original 4 holes done, I experiences the same thing and it seemed to even out during the healing process so I decided to just wait and see how it heals up.

I was briefed on aftercare and told to come by if any problems developed and left to go get some dinner.

  1. Now

It's about 3 weeks after the piercing now and I'm really pleased with them. The right ear is almost healed and the left seems to be close behind. The left ear recieved a little rough treatment from a ham-handed EMT student at a state exam where I participated as a "victim" and that is accounting for the flare-up and subsequently delated healing of the left ear.

The slightly misplaced ring on the left ear seems to be settling in line as I thought (and hoped) it would and with the exception of the jingling when all 8 pieces of stainless steel bounce off each other, they seem to almost be a part of me.

I'm very pleased, and I'd definately do it again.


-- sla[email protected] "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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