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Switching to the role of the piercer

tching to the role of the piercer

My ex-boyfriend was rather unadorned and unhappy with his condition. For quite some time he had wanted piercings but was unable to get them because he was a minor and his mother would not consent. So, lacking much of an alternative, he turned to me. I was planning a trip to Atlanta and he asked me to return with a piercing needle and jewelry so that i could pierce his earlobes.

I came back prepared to pierce when he finished performing in the community play (it would be rather difficult to portray an 18th century male character with rings hanging from one's earlobes). One Sunday he finished the final performance and came over to my house. At this point I began to be anxious.

I had already disinfected the needle and jewelry in anticipation of the event. He handed me a cork that he had found in the prop room (perhaps a bit unsanitary, but I cleansed the surface at least). I sat him in my computer chair and began to place dots on his ears. He was unhappy with the placement of one and I tried again, successfully this time. I talked to him for some time, in an attempt to calm us both, but he eventually asked me to just stick the needle through him.

He was very nervous about the size of the needle. He kept exclaiming that an 18-gauge needle was going to put a "heel of a hole" through his body. I, with my 14-gauge piercings, thought that he was being rather silly, but didn't chastise him for his fears. I suppose that he has a right to be worried about his first piercings. I tried to slide the needle up against the ear before the tip pressed against his flesh, but I was shaking far too badly manage this. I was much more nervous about performing this piercing than I had been when I received any of mine. I finally managed to get the correct position, reminded him to breathe, and counted down. I plunged the needle through as quickly as possible but he seemed quite pained by the procedure (then again, what could one expect?). Then I had to dislodge the cork, which was incredibly difficult for me. I suppose that I care so deeply for him that I had a huge adversion to harming him, which prevented me from pulling as hard as I should. The most difficult part came with inserting the ring. I spent several minutes pushing before it would exit the ear. He seemed to mind this especially. I was surprised by the amount of blood gushing from him. I had never experienced such bleeding with any of my piercings, yet mine were done by professionals. The bead simply would not attach. I left it halfway on and went to the other lobe. That ear went much better.

The bead on the right ear fell out several times over the next few days until I was finally about to get it to firmly attach. He wrote an article in the school newspaper chronicalling the experience, calling me the "metal girl" and claiming that he trusted be because I had more piercings than he had fingers. I was very proud of myself for having managed the whole experience, even if I was more nervous than was he. Maybe it wasn't a perfect job, but nevertheless, it was a personal triumph. Perhaps one day I'll even get up the courage to pierce myself. On second thought . . . I think that I'll just return to my piercer Gigi.


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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