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Mr. Normal Suburbia

Normal Suburbia

My experience into piercing, beyond the average ear gun procedures, is pretty limited. I had my left ear done twice about two years ago. I thought two holes in my ear was pretty cool and about as far as "Mr. Normal Suburbia" would go, especially at 40 plus. But for some reason I was always looking for a heavier, more substantial look. And those dainty little earrings sold in department and jewelry stores just didn't do it.

Well after many of those thicker "looking" earrings I decided to call the local piercing store. He explained to me that perhaps what I was looking for was a thicker gauge ring. "What do you mean thicker gauge?" He then proceded to explain how the hole could be stretched to accept a thicker ring. Yes!!!!, that is the look that I wanted. I made an appointment, he showed me the piercing jewelry, and did my first ear stretch!

Well of course that first stretch meant that we just stretched the ear gun hole up to a 16 gauge. Dave, the piercer, suggested waiting for a month, see how I liked it, and maybe stretch up another size. Dave's policy, I have come to find out, is to stretch up very gradually. After a month I decided this was the look I wanted. Made another appointment. Had the lower hole stretched up 12 gauge, because 14 went thru without any effort. And put the 16 gauge ring in the upper hole.

This was the procedure about every four to 6 weeks until I reached 6 gauge in the bottom hole, and 8 gauge in the next hole. And some where along the way, when I had the now extra 12 gauge ring, I had a third hole added.

For about the last month, I've been hinting around to my wife about getting a nipple done. Well she thought it would be "kinda neat". And then last week I told her that I had an appointment to get it done. She thought I was kidding. "No, I'm really serious". After having it done, she decided she really did like it.

Of course everyone wanted to know if these piercings and stretchings hurt.
Well the first few stretchings were nothing. But because the piercer was in my small town, he had done very few stretchings, and believe it or not, had never done anything as large as an 8 gauge. I was sort of his guinea pig. He has been in this area for over two years but had no requests for the "larger" sizes. He was very up front with all this and exercised extreme caution with every step. The drawback was that the last stretch, the 6 gauge, did hurt...a lot! Because of his inexperience, and perhaps lack of more equipment. It took three tries to get the jewelry in. By that time I was feeling flush. He finally succeeded. It looks great and I may have to go up to a 4. This last time was the only time it really hurt. And the pain from having my nipple done was nothing of what I expected. Especially after reading some of the experiences on bme.

My wife sometimes wonders if she married a strange man, but then I ask her if she would rather I was more like one of our friends--very conservative and afraid to do anything different. She agrees that life with me is a lot of fun, and not very boring, at least not most of the time.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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