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Keloid excision experience

oid excision experience

Keloid excision experience

Hi everybody...

In keeping up with my tradition of just talking about my nasty keloids, I just wanted to let everybody know that I had the excised yesterday at my plastic surgeon.

For those who need a little refreshing, or who are relatively new to r.a.b. (welcome!), I had developed a large keloid on my earlobe from a gun piercing when I was 14. A few years later, it had developed into a full-on keloid (the piercing never really healed), with the keloid on the front really red and itchy, with the keloid on the back red, itchy, and raised. The keloid on the front was probably the same diameter as an 4gauge, and the back probably equivalent to a 0gauge. Yes! They were super huge! After a few months of vitamin e, tea-tree oil, aspirin, hot compresses and everything practiced religiously, it was obvious surgery was required. I went for a consulatation, and an excision was the best recommendation. The plan was to cut out the keloid (what was both inside and out), and simply stich up the healty skin.

At any rate, I was put under local anastesia, and that was supposed to be the more painful part of the procedure (of course, the doctors dry jokes about liking needles and how this was simply a scratch compared to my other piercings was just too off for me). I was left alone for a few minutes to allow for the anastesia to kick in.

Even though I couldn't "see" or "feel" what the doctor was doing, I basically heard every snip and slice with it being that close to my ear!! The doctor briefly described what he was doing so as to not to freak me out (good bedside manner...just like my piercers!). I felt a lot of pulling and prodding of my earlobe, and when I tried to look, I could see the doctor's gloves just covered in blood. After I was stiched up (typical suture procedure...nothing special to write about), I was able to look at what was in my earlobe for the past few years causing me low self-esteem and total piercing withdrawal (haven't had any in awhile for fear of getting keloids). What was actually the keloid looked like a big ball of fat, and it was the same size as an almond M&M...maybe a little smaller, but roughly about that size.

The stiches hurt a little bit now and is sometimes itchy, and I have been told to get a lot rest, take zinc and vitamin c, and keep the sutures clean with hydrogen peroxide. There is some chance of the keloid reforming, and the next step would be radioactivity, which is an even costlier procedure. Hopefully I will have little or no complications, and all that will remain is a slightly twisted earlobe, and a little "scratch".

If you would like more information or have questions about my keloid excision, please feel free to ask. For those who have asked for the information and those all-important "Before...and AFTER!" pictures, the doctor did take some, so hopefully I'll be able to get a copy and have them scanned for your web pages. If you are prone to keloids, remember that they do tend to grow in size, and they are best dealt with when they are still small. Two years later I'd like to thank everybody for listening to my incessant chatting and whining about these little nasties, and thanks to Anne for all her wonderful words of inspiration!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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