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8ga --> 2ga Ear Piercing

--> 2ga Ear Piercing

2 weeks ago I had my ears repierced, as my original (gun) pierces were unsuitable for stretching. My piercer, Danny, suggested an initial needle pierce at 8 ga, followed by an immediate stretch to 2 ga.

So I went down to Polymorph (Newtown, Australia), and I was shown the 2 ga plugs I was soon to wear - I got a little apprehensive, they looked so huge. But I decided to go through with it, and the plugs were put in the autoclave.

Danny marked my ears, commenting on their huge stretching potential :) Then he held the needle to my right ear, told me to take deep breaths, and pushed the needle through on the third breath. Ok, that didn't hurt much .. That was when I first saw the tapers. They looked huge, painful .. like instruments of torture. This turned out to be an accurate impression. Checking whether I was ok, Danny began to taper my ear up by 2 gauge steps.. the first taper was fine, the second hurt a little, but the third taper was pain.

After some hassles with the o-rings, the plug was in my right ear, and we took a 5 minute break.. had a bit of a chat .. drank some water .. and I was fine for the next pierce.

Pretty much the same deal as the right ear, but a bit more painful, especially on the tapers. We had to take a break before the stretch from 4 ga to 2 ga. Eventually, the plug was installed in my left ear, and Danny gave me a mirror. I forgot the pain then - I loved the way they looked; the placement was perfect. Got the aftercare talk, and off I went.

The plugs were really tight in my ears for about 3 days, and it was hard to sleep for about a week (I'm a sucker for the foetal position :) ). But now, 2 weeks on, the pierce has loosened up nicely, and is healing without a problem.

I love the way the pierces look - at first glance, just like a normal but big earring, but on closer inspection like big bits of metal shoved through flesh :). I love the weight of the metal .. the feeling of moving the jewellery in the piercing .. and the feeling when I run up stairs or shake my head.

I'm really happy with 2 gauge, but this is only the start - as soon as I can, I'm going back for some more stretching .. these holes are gonna get big.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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