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Colie's Tragus Piercing Experience

t was my 20th birthday and I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself and browsing through the pictures on BME to get some ideas for my next piercing, it was a toss-up between a tongue pierce and a tragus.

I rounded some friends up for support and headed to the Enchanted Dragon, where I had gotten my nipple and navel pierced, I figured that I could decide there.

Well on the drive there one of my friends managed to talk me out of the tongue. I figured that would be a hard one to hide from my parents anyway >:) that one I will do after I move out =)

OK....I talked to the piercer for a bit (his name was Jeremy) and he judged the size and shape of my tragus to make sure it was pierceable. I picked out a purple niobium CBR, it is very small in diameter because he said that anything else would be very uncomfortable to me. He told me that it would cost $35 and told me to have a seat.

I sat in the chair (I think it's a dentist chair) and tried to get my nerve up. He marked on my ear where he was going to pierce and asked me if it looked OK, I told him it looked fine, I just wanted it over with! He put some paper towels on my shirt and I thought "oh my god, am I going to bleed that much?" He disinfected my ear and put gloves on and asked me to watch him take the needle and the clamp out of their packages so that I would know they were sterile. A girl that worked there clamped the area around my tragus and pulled, that hurt, and then Jeremy told me to take a deep breath and pushed the needle through. I was squeezing my eyes shut and squeezing just as hard onto my friends hand, he had nail marks in his hand for quite awhile =). I thought that this one hurt a lot more than my nipple piercing, but it could have been because of the clamp. After he had inserted the jewelry my ear felt very strange, I felt like I couldn't hear anything and I panicked, but then the girl released the clamp and I could hear again!

I bled a lot so he tried to clean it up with paper towels, he handed me a mirror so I could see what it looked like and it looked very strange and bloody! I stood up and got very lightheaded so he told me to sit back down and looked for some pez to give me, he didn't find any pez but he gave me a starlight mint for the sugar, I sat for awhile and ate the candy and felt better. I felt a rush all night though =)

The next day I saw my piercing for the first time without it being all red and bleeding, I must say it looked very cool. Sleeping on my left side and answering the phone with that ear were no-no's for awhile but it didn't give me any trouble besides that.

Now it's about six weeks later, completely healed, my parents finally noticed and didn't flip out and besides the questions I constantly get from customers at work ("did that hurt?") I barely even notice it's there and I am very happy that I did it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Oct. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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