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Do your ears hang low?- A (long) stretching experience

efore I get started, I want to give a disclaimer. I do not advise anyone to use my methods or time spans when stretching their lobes. I know I went too fast, but I also know my body very well, and these methods workedfor me, without any difficulties that I consider serious. They may not do the same for you. Thank you, drive through }:).

With that out of the way, I can get on with my experience. I just recently finished stretching my ear lobes to 1" in slightly over one year. Last year, I decided that the french hook earrings I was wearing in my mall gun pierced lobes just didn't work for me anymore, so I decided to get them done right. I wanted to get some decent sized CBR's in my lobes, but I wasn't planning on stretching too much. Maybe 6ga, that's all. I wanted to start as big as I could, and I found out that I could be pierced with a 10ga needle followed immediately by an 8ga taper, so I started with 8ga steel CBR's in my lower lobes.

About a month later, I missed having 4 holes in my lobes, so I decided to stretch the lower holes to 6ga steel CBR's, and get the upper ones pierced at 8ga with the rings from the lower holes. Easy stretch...no problems. That looked pretty good to me, so I thought I was done...until I started looking at the eyelets in the cabinet at Perforations.

About a month later, after my upper lobes had settled down, I felt like the lowers were ready to stretch again. I had decided that I was going to go to 0ga for some neato steel eyelets, but I wanted to save some steps along the way. I picked out some 3ga art glass plugs and stretched for those. There was a little bit of swelling and a small amount of scar tissue around the hole. I attacked it with sea salt and it went away. No problems after that.

About a week and a half later, I decided to go to 0ga pyrex plugs because I dropped one of the art glass ones and it broke. The srtetch to 0ga was easy, minor swelling, no problems. At this point I thought, "If I have to stretch to 00ga to get the eyelets in anyway, why not just stretch to 00ga?"

About a week and a half later, I decided to stretch enought to put in 00ga eyelets, technically a stretch to 7/16". Easy stretch, no swelling, no problems. I was happy at 00ga, but after a few weeks I felt the urge to stretch to 1/2".

I took about two months to get my 1/2" eyelets with a single flange for numerous reasons that I don't need to discuss here, so it was about 3 months before I went to Perforations to stretch to 1/2". The stretch was tough this time, there was a wee bit of tearing, and the grommets were too short for my lobes, which are very thick. Problems. Swelling and severe crusty and yucky discharge sent me back to the shop two days later. We decided to step back to 7/16" lucite plugs to let everthing settle down. A sea salt assault helped and all was well.

About two weeks later I went back to stretch to 1/2" again, this time with lucite plugs that were long enough to accomodate my lobes. Easy stretch, no problems. Again, I thought I was done stretching. 1/2" is a nice sounding number, right? I wore the eyelets for a little while, but soon felt like I needed to stretch some more.

About three weeks later, I went to the shop to stretch to some 5/8" pyrex plugs. I was quite dissapointed when we couldn't get the plugs to stay in-my ears kept spitting them out. Before I left, I noticed an ugly orange acrylic taper in the case that looked about 5/8". I checked, and it was, so I went home happy. That night, I worked the taper through one ear. It was interesting to do the stretch myself. All of the others were done by a piercer. It went in quite easily, to my surprise because of the trouble we had at the shop. A couple days later, I put the pyrex plug in that ear and stretched the other one with the taper. Again, no problems, a very easy stretch. At this point, I decided that I was gonna go to 1", so after a couple of weeks, I ordered three more acrylic tapers (3/4", 7/8",& 1").

About a month or so later, the tapers came in, so I stretched my right lobe to 3/4" with no difficulty at all. It was a hideous, pink, blacklight sensitive attempt at a joke by my friends at the shop. It was the ugliest thing I have ever worn. It looked even worse with the orange taper in the other ear. ugh...

About 5 days later, I stretched my right lobe to 7/8" and my left to 3/4" with no problems. I did use some lubricant for the first time, but it was still very easy. No swelling, no problems. Luckilly, I had decided to leave the 1" taper at Perforations so I wouldn't be tempted to go too fast }:).

About three weeks later, I felt like my right ear was ready to go to 1", so I stretched my left ear to 7/8", got my 1" taper, lubed it up and shoved it in. I thought I knew my ears pretty well by now, but everything I learned from stretching to 7/8" meant nothing with respect to going that last step. The stretch was very easy, but right away my ear didn't look right. It was very swollen and discolored. The next day, it began to discharge some nasty stuff. Over a couple of days, a layer of scabbing formed aroung the outside of the hole, and it was just yucky. After about two weeks it calmed down, thanks to dilligent cleaning, sea salt soaks, vitamin E oil, and putting in an acrylic plug that weighed much less than the heavy taper.

I learned from that experience, so I waited a full month before stretching my left ear again. It felt ready, so I used some hot compresses (thanks to Misha for that tip), lubed up the taper, and shoved it in. Again, an easy stretch with hardly any pushing. My ear looked fine, if a little swollen, and I thought it was cool. The next day, it was bright red and more swollen. Later in the day it started to discharge, so I stepped up the cleaning. A few days later, I put in an acrylic plug, and now the swelling is down and the discharge is all but gone. It is still slightly discolored, but that should change in the next couple of days.

I love the way my lobes look now, and I really love the fact that they flop around in various situations. I can't quite tie them in a knot or throw them over my shoulder like a Continental soldier, but they do hang low now }:).

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to stay at 1", but that could change }:). I won't be doing any more stretching anytime soon, though. One year of trauma to my lobes at a time is enough for now. BTW, I still wear those 6ga rings that were going to be as big as I was going to stretch...as pinky rings.

I just want to thank everyone at Perforations (Jason, Tashi, Fish, Luis, Prakriti, that other guy) for their help in this process and for putting up with this impatient size queen }:).

Now all I have to do is get that 0ga circ in my septum and I'll be all done stretching...unless I decide to do start on my upper lobes }:).

Thanks for reading...I didn't expect this to get so long, but oh well.

peace josh To quote Jon Cobb: "I'd never seen 1" lobes look small before I met you."


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Oct. 1997
in Ear Piercing

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