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Lobe Stretching Experience

e Stretching Experience

My name is Deborah and I got interested in body piercing/modification after my second year at Purdue University. My first piercing was my nose, which I no longer have (didn't really like the way it looked). I now have my nipples, tongue and navel pierced. After having those done I wanted to try lobe stretching. Most people (your average non-pierced people) thought my piercings were odd enough but the idea of stretching my lobes they could not comprehend (my parents, in particular, thought it was disgusting). But I digress. The point of this essay is to share my lobe stretching with those interested in doing it themselves.

I started out by visiting this web site and reading some of the other postings. I didn't really have the money to get it done by my piercer, and I wanted to do it myself since all of the others I had were done professionally. Anyway, in one of the postings I read about stretching with knitting needles. This is exactly what I used. I have had my ears pierced since I was a child (3?) and luckily enough the holes were very well centered, so I didn't have to worry about the lobe thinning due to a low placed hole. Unfortunately I no longer remember what size I used first. I can say, however, that it was probably the smallest. I used a hacksaw to cut the tapered ends of the needles off ( they were all about 2 inches long after being sawed). Then I used sand paper to smooth the edges down. I washed them with antibacterial soap and let then soak in bactine for about 10 min. I washed my ears as well and then coated the needles with neosporin (antibacterial and good lube!) The first stretch was a little painful, but suprisingly easy. I was afraid it would overstretch but they slid in O.K. after slowly pushing them in. My ears felt cool (for lack of a better word), they hurt a little, throbbed and felt hot, but the best feeling was how "full" they felt, hard to explain the feeling, the feeling of being stretched I suppose. I left those in for about a week. Here is where I must say I am a pretty impatient person so my time-line for stretching may be a lot faster than most piercers recommend. I played it by ear, so to speak (boo hiss, I know).

Anyway, after my ears were no longer sore I went out and bought another pair of knitting needles ( around $2.50 a pair, what a deal!). The convenient thing about knitting needles is that they go up in size rather slowly so my next stretch did not really hurt, it just got that tight, stretched feeling again. Again I waited for about a week. The next time I stretched I went up a whole millimeter, which may not seem like a lot (it didn't to me) but it is! This time it HURT and sleeping in the knitting needles, I might add, can be a pain (literally and because they like to fall out). I cleaned my ears everyday after my shower, it would loosen them up a bit (get the crusty stuff off) and the warm water made them a little more elastic. I used bactine to rinse my ears and the needles and neosporin to help get them back in. The holes were red and very ugly looking. This worried me so I monitored them carefully. My left ear gave me more problems than the right for some reason. It didn't seem to be as elastic as the other so each stretch was more painful with it. It also liked to form a little "lip" around the jewelry. This really concerned me. I learned, however, that after allowing the lobe to heal the lip would mostly reabsorb and the remainder became dry skin and flaked off.

I decided after that second stretching to let my ears heal longer and to try and find the smallest increment possible in the needles. From then on I stretched no more than 1/2 millimeter each time. I found that I could stretch faster this way ( again, I'm sure this is considered bad). After 2 months I was up to 6 1/2 millimeters, which I would guess is a 6 to a 4 gauge. Here I ran into a problem. For some reason the next size up in needles was 8 millimeters. I was a bit scared to try and stretch that much, but I did. The only other option I could see was hanging weights from them, but since I currently live with my parents, and they were already threatening to make me take them out, I didn't want to bring anymore attention to them. After waiting another month (and conveniently while my parents were out of the country) I went ahead and tried it. It hurt a lot but not as much as I expected. The hole looked pretty bad again (kinda "meaty") and it actually bled when I took the needles out the next day (that shocked me since the had never really bled) I decided to leave them in though. It's been about 3 weeks since I did it and they look and feel great. The holes are healed all the way through and don't look disfigured or scarred. I am going to get some "real" jewelry for them next week since I am sick of these "spikes" in my ears. My friends and I have come to the opinion that they are either a 4 or a 2 gauge (I'd say 2 from the jewelry I've seen). I'm not sure that I will go any bigger for a while (my parents are coming home tomorrow and I think they are going to fly off the handle as it is), but I do want them a little bigger. Hopefully this fall at Purdue I can finish the project.

A little side note as well, at 5 1/2 millimeters the needles become hollow. I cut tubes from them so I could see through my ears. It worked but I found my ears had to be well healed because it was hard to get them in otherwise. That's my summer stretching adventure for you all. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 July 1997
in Ear Piercing

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