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Stretching my ears

etching my ears

My experience Stretching my ears from 12ga.to 0ga in one month.

First off I'd like to say that this isn't something I recommend

to anyone. My experience went smoothly, but I knew the risk of blowing my ears out, I chanced it, I was lucky, I know others who weren't.
Try this at your own risk, or be smart and don't try it my way.

It all started June 2nd, The day I graduated from Catholic high

school, after four years of not being able to wear earrings in school (mind you I already had three in my left lobe, three in my left helix and one in my right lobe) I decided I was gonna go all out and enjoy my new freedom, I knew I wouldn't have to worry about taking earrings (or other jewelry) out everyday before school. I went to Infinite piercing on South Street in Philadelphia to have my right lobe re-pierced (it was practically closed since I usually just left earrings out of my ears) I was pierced at a tweleve and bought a 14ga hoop to put in. I left with my new piercing and went home, my friend Keith gave me a 12ga Septum ring that was tapered at the ends, I put it into my left ear, it was tight since only an hour before I stretched it to a 14ga from an 18ga hole. It feel good though, the hoops banging against my neck when I shook my head, I loved the feel.

The next weekend I went to a hardcore show on South Street, a

block away from Infinite, so before the show I stopped in and bought a pair of 10ga bullets and 8 ga plugs thinking I would be set for some time, Well, by the time I walked a block back to the show I was going to I had a pair of 10ga. bullets in my ears, I washed my hands, lubed the bullets with anit-bacterial soap and just popped them in. Three hours later driving home, I put the 8ga plugs in, this was the first time I ever had any trouble putting a piece of larger jewelry in to my holes. But with some Softsoap the plugs were in ok. The Thursday after I went to Warrior piercing to buy a 4ga plug and have it tapered in. Well, aside from the fact that the piercer didn't know if it was acrylic or glass and then after we decided it was acrylic he autoclaved it(?!?!?!)or so he said. It felt great so I thought, "why spend money and have somebody taper in a piece of jewelry, the bullets worked before, well I was back at Infinite Friday buying a 4ga bullet. No problem. When I returned home that night I recieved some great news, a friend of mine was able to make jewelry and tapers at his job (he works in a steel plant) Well he made me up a 2ga tapering needle and a pair of 2ga hollow steel plugs, after two days of letting my ears heal from the last stretch I tapered in the plugs, this one actually hurt. after seeing a trickle of blood running from my ear I decided to wait another two days before another attempt.

Well attempt number two went well, not a hitch. After a week I

just put in a pair of 0ga bullets, today July 2nd. I'm happy with the size (for now atleast) and now plan to let my ears properly heal and recouperate.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 July 1997
in Ear Piercing

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