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It all stems from big ears...

don't suppose I could match your stories of people who cut off their balls, nor would I try, though I can see that there could be circumstances where people would want to do that.

My experiences are rather different, however.

First the visible stuff (that I let everyone see)

Since I was a kid I have been fixated on my ears. First because they are really big, and second because they stick out quite a lot.

Actually although kids would tease me over this, I quite like them, and just before I went to sleep at night I would pull each one as hard as I could until I heard a sort of 'click' which I think means that I was stretching some ligature inside where the ear is attached. I still like to do this, and also find that it is quite erotic and is a fast way to start an erection in case one does not want to arise on its own.

Anyhow, over a period of time I got interested in the idea of reshaping them so that they would be more graceful, as I see it.

To me this means longer lobes (I had almost none when I started) and also more pointed at the upper part intead of being just rounded anf folded over.

Note that I do not want to pierce my earlobes for fear of tearing them and losing all the gains, as I have seen in some African peoples.

But even so, longer lobes were easy. I got clip-on plain ear-rings and hung pretty, but heavy (50 to 100 gram), weights on them - fastening the clipons with superglue.

Over about six months I found I could stretch my earlobes about 4 cm, though they become quite sore and bruised and have to be allowed to rest for a few days at a time. However, unless I repeat this after a few weeks theree is a tendency for them to shrink back about a third of what has been stretched, so I need to re-stretch from time to time.

The pointed effect is nmore difficult and I do not think I have yet achieved the effect I want, because it is cartilage which is quite hard to re-shape, because it is really springy and will not respond to pulling.

So what I did first is to pierce a small hole in the upper quadrant of my right ear. Actually because I had no other information on how to do this and did not know anyone else remotely into body alterations, I did the following:

I got a single hole paper punch capable of making a hole about 2 mm in diameter.

I packed ice from the freezer on front and back of my right ear till it was pretty numb. I rubbed the surface with methylated spirit.

I drank about a half bottle of vodka. This may have been a mistake, as my hand slipped on the punch handles once.

Then I took the paper punch to it and squeezed the handles and zap - it punched out a nice neat hole, just like my ear was made of bendy plastic or something. Christ it hurt, but. Also (because of the vodka?) I let go of the handles and the punch was dangling from my newly perforated ear, still thru the hole it had made, and hurting like fuck. However, not for very long, in fact more like a sharp sting, and after about five minutes I could clean up the bleeding (not too much) and pack it with cottonwool soaked in alcohol. I thought I could run a risk of infection and the whole damn thing might drop off, which is not what I want at present, although I coould imagine a time when I might want to trim one or both ears right back. I have thought about this but not yet done it because this would be a radical new step and a change.

After a couple of days with cottonwool (and sticking plaster over the wound) I opened it all up and looked at it and it was healing nicely. So now I started to introduce nylon plastic section in there, starting with one 3mm by 1mm and about 2mm deep. I made these myself by cutting and shaping and polishing nylon rod to look like this:

      |  | 
      |  | 
      |  |

The notches top and bottome retain the rod in the hole, and as the rod is always longer but narrower than the hole, it applies a stretching to the hole and the cartilage above and below it. Because the hole is positioned just above the cartilage that holds the ear to the head, my theory was that all the dtretching would be upwards.

The object of the exercise was and is to excercise an upward stretch on the top part of my ear, introducing increasingly longer and narrower strips until I have brought about the desired re-shaping (and effective lengthening) of the ear.

The problem is that the cartilage does not easily stretch and a couple of times I have torn it and made bleeding, and then had to wait a day or so to resume. So far I have managed to alter the top edge of my right ear to be about 1 cm higher than it was, and at a better angle. But there is some swelling and I am not sure if this is the right way to continue.

It may also be that because I have very soft cartilage (my ears are very flexible and can be rolled up, unlike my partner whose ears cannot even be bent forward very much because the cartilage is so stiff), I may take longer to gt my desired result.

But I have only been at it for six months so i will continue for a while yet before I abandon it. The slit in my ear is now 5mm long, and when the nylon stretcher is not in there the healed edges almost touch, but there is less alteration of the ear shape than I had hoped for.

My other modification is to do with my cock and balls, and is to please me esthetically and improve sex and masturbation both.

For about three years I have been stretching my foreskin with the idea of being able to keep my penis head cvovered even when I have a really good erection. You can read all about the techniques for this on any of the uncircumcision pages, and I'm using the D. Evans stretching and taping system, with springy foam plastic packed inside the streteched foreskin to push it forward from the head of the penis. I think I have about another six or seven months to go, but I have already grown about 3 cm of new foreskin which makes sex (and masturbation) very much more enjoyable than before when there was a risk of rubbing the exposed head of the penis on dry skin inside my partner if she was not completely ready...

Related to this is my desire to make mny balls hang lower. For some reason my balls which are I think about average (the size of small hens' eggs) have always clustered quite close to my body, which I think is not very appealing.

So about four years ago I started out streteching the skin of my scrotum, and what I did was quite simply tie a loose band of fabric above the balls and then hang a 250 gram weight from it, alternatively each day down each trouser leg (right one day, left another).

Well, at first after two days my balls got very sore and I could not even touch them. God that was bad. I figured that of course what I was effectiveley doing was pressing on the balls more than pulling on the scrotum.

So I started to support the cloth band that holds the weight by taping it to the skin of my scrotum with band aid tape, and this has helped. Also my balls have become used to the pulling. But it is necessary to shave the scrotum from time to time, which is much more difficult than you could imagine, tho also very arousing when my partner does it for me.

At present my balls now hang down slightly lowewr than the end of my penis, so about a hand and a halfs-width (perhaps 13cm) from my body, which is twice as low as the were when I started even on a cold day. My partner tells me is very sexy and she likes to see it and play with them. It also feels pretty good so this is a mod I can wholeheartedly recommend. I'd like to get them to the point of being about 30 cm (about 1 American foot)...

So that's what I have achieved so far

Rick in Birmingham


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 1998
in Ear Piercing

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