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Ear Stretcing Update

Stretcing Update

I have 1 1/8 inch holes in my ears. They are very healthy and happy. I will explain how I got them this big so maybe it can give people a few ideas and maybe someone can avoid some of the early mistakes I made. I has taken me about 4 1/2 years or so to get this size so don't rush.

I had my ears pierced with a gun (yucky) at age 12. I streched them to

a 16g and then a 14g with no problem. I purchaced taper pin from gauntlet to aid in my stretching. We had no professional piercers in my town at the time so I had to do it on my own. I found that before I stretch that if I put a warm compress on the area first the tissue is more workable.(summer is always easier for me to stretch). I also make sure I have lubricated the new piece of jewlery with and ointment of some kind to make it slide in easier. If it hurts and won't go in don't force it you can tear the skin. I only did that once but it totally sucked.I had to treat it like a new piercing all over again. As my holes got to 6g I knew that I wanted to much larger but was sick of the high cost of jewlery that I would only wear for 6 months or so. I went to wearing arcylic tapers as earrings. I found that in the heat of the shower I could move the taper every 4 or 5 days. after every taper I would let my lobes rest for a few months untill the inside of the lobe was the same color as the outside of the lobe(Newly strecthed lobes will be slightly redder on the inside than the outside). Then I would move to the next taper. I also would wrap medical tape around plugs I already had to increase their size slowly. Unfortunately this can harbor bacteria and cause pain or the dredded ear stench(a horribls smell that follows you everywhere).

I met a woman who makes wood jewlery. I have found this to be the most comfortable Jewlery for my lobes. It dosen't get cold in the winter or hot in the sauna. It is also fairly inexpensive so you don't break the bank while stretching. I have also found that my ears seem to almost stretch themselves with the wood. I will wear a piece for a while and the there will be space above it. You also don't get the stench or gooey stuff you get with arcylic and metal. The wood absorbs the oils from your skin.

I have an ebony pair of plugs with spirals ingraved in them as well as a pair of bamboo plugs which I can put hoops thru for a dressy look(It's so hard to find earrings my size at the mall). I collect jewlery from all over the world for my large lobes and would love leads on how to get more. I already have a pair of dragon earrings from Borneo and some silver earrings from Laos. I would love to talk to others about lobe streching.


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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 May 1997
in Ear Piercing

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