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Nape Dermal Anchors

I have had very long standing plans to get the nape of my neck pierced. But I had put it off for quite a while. Initially all I knew about was surface piercings and I was worried about their chance of rejection. Then one day I was trolling the internet and came across dermal anchors. Amazed by this I picked up my phone to schedule my appointment with the one piercer I trusted to pierce me. Little did I know that he quietly moved to New Zeeland. Well now what do I do? Time to start the piercer hunt, after a few meetings and some phone calls I was quite discouraged. I'm very picky about who I will let pierce me and if I am not comfortable with them I don't let them touch me. I made the mistake once of just saying 'oh screw it!.' I was left with a crooked piercing that was not even close to placed correctly, needless to say I learned my lesson.

So times goes by and I'm jewelry-less still. Ended up moving to Colorado for college. One day at the local Walmart I ran into a girl with a few horizontal eyebrows that looked beautifully done. So me being the stranger friendly person I am, walked right up to her and asked here where she got it done. She told me she got in done in Washington, but there was this great studio in Albuquerque I should look into. Checked out their website, called and talked to their head piercer and I was set, on Sat. with a three hour drive into New Mexico I was finally going to have my piercings.

The day came and I got to the studio. I was impressed with how clean and welcoming the studio was. The staff was wonderful, got my paperwork done right away, jewelry selected and put into the autoclave, then took my seat waiting for my turn. The time came, got up excited about my soon to be new metal. Noah had me put my things down on a specific chair, we talked about what I wanted where it was going and all the good pre-piercing info. Then he gloved up and started measuring and plotting the placement. After everything was measured and set, we were ready to get to the good part.

He had me lay down on the table and breathe. The feeling was nothing like any other piercing. It didn't really hurt or sting, but it was definitely a very strange feeling. Now some people will understand this some won't, I got the same feeling I get when someone runs their finger down my spine. Almost like a shiver that tickles? Don't get me wrong I knew I was having a needle stuck into me, but it was definitely not the usual pinch. He made the hole, then used the needle to pocket out the area for the food of the anchor. When the jewelry was placed it made a little popping noise, similar to when you get your ear lobes pierced. There we go one of three done. Rinse and repeat twice and I was all set. I was surprised by how little bleeding there was, little pressure on it for a minute and we were all set. He went over after care again with me, gave me some sea salt, and a anti-microbial liquid soap to use and I was on my way.

The next day my neck was a bit sore, but nothing that interfered with sleeping, showering, or dressing. I did find it amusing when I went to class on Monday and people were like 'What did you do!?,' only to find out they noticed the piercing secondary to the three sets of finger-print bruises I had. Apparently getting those little suckers in takes a bit of pushing, but I was never uncomfortable during the actual piercing. He advised me to cover up the piercing with a bandage while I slept for the first few days, just so I didn't accidentally disturb them or pull them out in my sleep. Overall the healing was very uneventful, and my jewelry is now sitting happy and healed perfectly.

I will for sure be returning to get the rest of my piercings done with Noah at Evolution. I really liked the studio, and I respect him quite a bit. Initially when we were doing my placement, I wanted them moved but he said no to me. He then continued to explain why he couldn't put them exactly how I wanted it. To me any piercer that is willing to say no to you is one I will trust. He has a great knowledge of his craft, and his execution is flawless. He also told me to call if I had any questions or concerns, which I did in the next few days, he was happy to take a few moments to answer my questions and make sure I was comfortable with the explanation.

I am very happy with my piercings from him, and would recommend the studio and Noah in particular to anyone considering getting new jewelry. Even if you live far, the drive is worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Noah+Babcock
Studio: Evolution%2C+Inc.
Location: Albuquerque%2C+NM

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