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My lower back surface piercing

I love piercing's! I recently decided to get a surface piercing. I decided to get my lower back pierced and my belly button. I had been looking on this web site, bmezine.com and saw that you could get anything pierced that you can pinch basically. The back piercing looked fun and cute so I wanted it! I went to Virginia beach ink in Va beach Va. My friend Jane Rae told me that they were having piercings for sale for only 10 dollars. That included the jewelry and everything.

The piercers name is "Shimp". I got my back then my belly button done. My mom had to sign for me because i am only 17, but I told her I only was getting my belly button at first. When we got there I told her that I wanted to get my back and my belly button pierced. She was saying no! no! She was also saying she wasn't getting it for me and to just get my belly button done, and I told her it was only 10 dollars and please, so she agreed even though she didn't want to. We had to give "Shimp" out Identification cards and he had to copy them so I could get it done. I had to write down what I wanted and read the consent form and me and my mother had to sign it. He had to make sure it was straight and it was funny. He was like, "Okay I need to make sure it lines up, I got to put my finger in your crack." It was awkward but I trusted him. So he did that, put his finger in my crack and I guess made marks of where the piercing would be. My mom was back with me and was joking around wi th the piercer telling him to "Get your hands off my daughter!" So, he had me lean on the chair and bend over which was kind of funny too. He told me to keep poking my but out and bend over more and more. I felt like I was getting ready for someone to do doggy style with me. So he was getting the stuff ready and my mom is making these faces and im telling her to stop. SO, he was getting ready to pierce it and my mom is like, "here comes the needle" and i tell her to shut up. My mom said it looked like when you thread a raw turkey at thanksgiving or christmas. So he pierces it, I didn't cry, it was pretty quick.

After it was done, my mom changed her mind and said, "Oh that is sexy." So im happy that she liked it after I got it, so it was awesome. It might sound weird but I actually like how it felt. Someone told me getting a piercing or tattoo is like getting high and it sends off signals in the brain that we like, so I thought that was cool, and that its probably the reason I liked it so much. Everyone thought it was weird and asked me if it hurt but it wasn't hurting to me or it wasn't weird either. After I got it, I was really careful when I would sit down or get in and out of cars. I felt like an old lady because I was so gentle, It was pretty funny. I can not wait to get more. My armpits sweat though. It was fun and I want to get more surface piercings. It healed really good and I love it! :)

I just had to go in last night to get it looked at. I touched it during my lecture in dental assisting class the other day and the right ball fell into my hand. I went to the bathroom and it was dirty so I cleaned it. I couldn't get it on myself so I had to get another girl to put it on. While she was putting it on these guys were watching us making weird faces.So she put it on and it stayed in for a day or 2. I went to feel it again and it fell out again! So my friend put it back on, and then I felt it and it fell off again! So I called Virginia Beach Ink, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where I got my piercings at. They told me if I got a new piece it would cost about 5 dollars and to come in the next day. So I went on a sunday night and one of the woman piercers looked at it and she said that the ball was stripped bad and didn't know how it got that bad. So she put a new ball on for free. I love it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Shimp
Studio: Va+Beach+Ink
Location: Virginia+Beach%2C+Virginia

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