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My beautiful nape piercing.

I should start this off with saying I currently have twenty piercings, and have had over forty if you count everything that has been ripped out, taken out, and/or re-pierced. I'm not quite sure what made me decide that I wanted a nape piercing, but I've always seemed to love getting piercings that aren't common, and ones that get comments such as, "WOW, how does that work?!" Anyway, one morning I woke up and decided I wanted to get my nape pierced. I never even considered it before that day. I have long hair and figured it would be constantly getting caught in it, and it would be just an all around nuisance to deal with. It seems as though almost every piercing I've gotten has started with the thought, "I really don't think I'd ever get that." My fanatic love for body modification has grown over the years, and I've gotten piercings that I have never imagined getting.

I don't recall the first time I saw a nape piercing, but I knew I wanted it. I can't get any more piercings on my face at the moment (I have five, counting my tongue webbing), four on my navel, then the rest are on my ears. I knew that I didn't have many options, because of my mod-hating family. Christmas break was coming up soon, so I figured I would wait the extra couple weeks until then so I didn't have to deal with cleaning it at school and such. However, two days before break started, I got impatient and decided to go get it done the same day. I got ahold of my friend, Erica, and asked her if she was up for getting a piercing. We get all our piercings done together, and I wasn't going to make this an exception. She decided she was going to get a conch. My friends and I arrived at my regular piercer's shop, and were required to wait about twenty minutes because Shawn, my piercer, went out on break. Once he arrived, we talked about what jewelery I wanted to use, and all th at good stuff. He asked me how high I wanted the piercing to be, then marked up my neck and we were good to go.

This was the worst part of the process. The clamps. My skin is extremely tight in the back of my neck, and the clamps wouldn't stay on. Shawn kept trying and trying, and by the time he got them to stay on, it was about ten minutes later. My neck was burning at that point from all the pinching and pulling. Shawn asked if I was okay, and I just told him to do whatever he needed to do to get it done, and not to worry about me. I have a high pain tolerance, and knew it would take far more than a bit of a burning sensation on the back of my neck to make me back out of this piercing. Now comes the needle. This part was remotely painless. I could definitely feel some pressure, and the needle going through, but it didn't hurt. Next came the jewelery. Of course, I was getting a staple bar. The jewelery going in the first side was nothing, but it was a bit uncomfortable coming out the other side. Shawn and Erica laughed uncontrollably when I said "Bitchfuck!" out of surprise. There was no blood at all, so Shawn just screwed on the other ball and I was good to go.

It was surprisingly painless, and it wasn't sore at all afterward. It was a bit red from all the clamping, but nothing other than that. It is now three days after the piercing, it hasn't been sore at all, and there hasn't been any redness. Also, no crusties. So far, this is one of the easiest piercings I've had to care for. I haven't been doing anything special, just alternating between sea salt soaks and then antibacterial soap in the shower, and it's been fine. Normally I just use antibacterial soap for my piercings, but considering this is on the back of my neck, it's a little difficult to clean it with soap unless I'm in the shower. So I've been doing antibacterial soap in the morning when I shower, then a sea salt soak at night before bed.

I couldn't be happier with this piercing. Even though I originally planned on having flat discs instead of beads, the beads aren't a pain in the ass like I thought they'd be. So far, they haven't gotten caught on anything, not even my hair. I love seeing people's reactions to it. Though, the "doesn't that hurt?!" has been happening quite often, which can get quite annoying. Most of my friends were curious about it, and asked how it worked. Others didn't give a shit, and gave me the, "You got ANOTHER piercing?! That's disgusting." attitude. All I can say is they're missing out.


submitted by: xdelirium
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Shawn
Studio: Epidart
Location: Moncton%2C+New+Brunswick.

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