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Oh My, What Is That On Your Chest!?

 My name is Joshua, and I am a fifteen-year-old male interested in body modification. Ever since this current year, I have always witnessed and/or seen a number of people have surface piercings done on them. This temporarily got me jealous, for I did not have any surface piercings. Then again, pain did not sound too good.

There's this girl named Jenny, Jenny has Clavicle surface piercings. I have never seen anything more beautiful and attractive as her Clavicle piercings. My mind kept screaming "Get them! Get them! You know you want them!" I was very well jealous of her because I've wanted them like a fat kid wants cake. It was overwhelming having to see her five days of the week at school and have every person compliment her on her piercings. I thought, "Mom better let me get this."

My mother was always accepting on what ever modification I wanted done to my body, however, my mother did not like the idea of this one at all. Basically, I was screwed. I needed it bad. I wanted it now! Then my brain lit up with a light bulb on top, that's right, my sister would let me get it. My sister is nineteen and I had my lips pierced before through her consent. So what did I do? My exact conversation:

Me: Oh, Sis!

Sister: Yeah?

Me: I'm the best brother ever, right?

Sister: ... What do you want?

Me: Just a... Well, a... surface piercing...

Sister: Did you ask Mom?

Me: No. But you'll take me right? Okay, we'll go next weekend.

Sister: But... You should have asked Mom, stupid. I can't just get you everything that you want, you know.

Me: Okay! We'll go next weekend.


Me: Okay! Okay! Okay! We'll go next weekend, right?

Sis: Fine!

So now it's the next weekend and I'm with my sister driving in the car to the piercing place. My heart is pounding that you can actually hear the beat to my heart. My arms can't stop shaking and words are coming in one ear and out the other. We finally make it to the piercing place called "The Ink Spot". It looked fairly nice outside and there was not that much people there.

I'm greeting very nicely by a young woman at the counter. We go over my piercing, I pay the full amount, and then I'm asked to be seated in the dentist-looking chair. The chair frightened the heck out of me and I was more alert on this piercing. She marks down the correct spots and gets her tools out. The gloves slapped against her skin while she put them on, the rolling end-table was rolling to me. She said, "Take a breath, calm yourself."

She uses a clamp to tighten my skin. The clamp hurts very bad because it is very tight against my skin. She tells me to stop shaking and to relax. I barely relax and then she gets busy. My eyes immediately fell to the needle. It looked huge! I was now scared out of my mind at this moment but she continued anyway.

She told me to take a deep breath and exhale when I was told. She grabs the needle and shoves it directly through my skin at a fast speed. I was surprised how I barely felt a pinch. Then she put the jewelry in. That hurt more than the needle. It felt thicker and it felt like it was stretching my skin. Ouch! The same experience went with the other side. It didn't bleed that much, maybe just a little bit.

She told me all about the piercing aftercare and then I was off to home. The first few nights were terrible. I couldn't sleep on my stomach. After three months, I finally had to take them out. They rejected and the barbell seemed to have been pushing out of my skin. They also had a burning sensation for a while. I loved them and have numerous pictures of me with them but I'm most definitely going to miss them. But guess what? My Clavicle piercings looked way better than Jenny's! I even have proof from every one that complimented me. In the end, this surface piercing was all worth it.

Important: If you are thinking about performing this piercing on yourself, please be aware that you must use sterilized needles. Your environment must also be clean. Be sure to always clean effectively and search "surface piercing aftercare" online. It will give you much more information. Professional piercings are the right way to go but every one has their own opinions. I got mine professionally done and they still rejected. So did Jenny's. It all depends on how your body handles surface piercings. I am glad to share my experience. Thanks for your time.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Dec. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: A%2C+Sotelo
Studio: The+Ink+Spot
Location: Arizona

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