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Micro-Dermal Implant

I recently had a micro-dermal implanted on my sternum, it was done with a 14g needle, it was explained to me that some people use dermal punches and how that process goes, then it was explained to me how using the needle goes. The process with the needle seemed more appealing to me.

I opted for the needle because the procedure seemed to cause little trauma and as little cutting as possible. We spent a decent amount of time marking it out around ten to fifteen minutes, making sure that it was centered and looked good with my tattoos. After we got it just right, it was time to lay down and begin.

As usual I said I was ready and he started explaining what he was doing and when, I tensed up and pushed him away, he said okay, and that it was going to be fine. So I let him start, he pulled up on the area where he was going to place the micro-dermal he inserted the tip of the needle angled at about ninety degrees, about half way through tip he pulls up and makes an upward slit, then repositioned himself and repeated that same process for the bottom part of the whole he just previously made, he had screwed a 16g labret stud into the bottom part of the implant piece and locked the labret stud into forceps, he then proceeds to pull the skin up and make sure the whole he has made is big enough to put the jewelry in and slides the bigger end in first and then pops the little half in. It does not feel like a normal body piercing, it feels like half of a piercing twice, then a slight burning, like ear stretching.

He then unlocks the labret stud from the forceps and cleans me up, then unscrews the labret stud, and screws on my top. It was not as painful as I expected and after it was done he covered it up and it was fine, I felt no pain, it was like it had been there for ages.

I clean it as I do any other piercing, anti-bacterial hand soap two to three times a day. I have had no problems whatsoever, but for the next week or so I have to cover it when I sleep. I had kept it covered longer than I should have, the first couple of days I only uncovered it when I cleaned it, my skin got very irritated, but it was nothing major, he said the piercing needs to breathe. It will be about three or four more weeks until it is healed, it is still a little tender and sensitive, but only when it is bumped or tapped.

Having a micro- dermal is not exactly the same as having a regular piercing, you really have to keep up with it, you really have to keep up with it through the healing process, even after it is healed you have to be mindful of it, not to tug or catch it on anything, because I can reject even after healing if your snag it on something.

I was informed of the maintenance of this particular piercing before I agreed to get it, I was told about what to do if i lose the top and

why it needs to be covered from the time I get it until the next morning.

Another reason why we decided that the needle was better for me instead of the dermal punch, my body does not always take to the piercings I get, the scarring if it needs to be removed is very minimal compared to the dermal punch procedure.

I am glad that I went through with it, and I'm sure there will be plenty more where that came from, my body seems to taking it, so far so good. I would like to possible have the next one I have done, put in all at once with the dermal forceps.

I appreciate the calmness and the way things are done, I was very jumpy at first, I since have felt no pain from the area. I am overly excited with all the benefits from using the needle procedure. I am also very happy with the fact that I had a small consultation about the pros and cons of having this done, and the ways it could be done.

This is the reason why I repeatedly go to the same person, I am in good hands. It is the least painful modification I have had done, and so far has been my favorite. I highly recommend getting it done if your debating on it.

I think I will strictly be doing micro-dermals instead of piercings, because I like how the healing process is and the fact that there is virtually no pain immediately after it is done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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