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I'm getting my clavicle pierced. Does that sound dirty?

It's Thanksgiving and everyones talking about shopping on Black Friday. Ugh, I hate Black Friday with a passion - everything is the same price it would be on a normal sale day! As everyone talked about shopping I was the one who threw in the air the idea of maybe getting a piercing I have been wanting to get for FOREVER now. I really didn't think I would go through with it. I didn't know any tattoo/piercing parlors around the area. Only ones were in Grand Rapids (about 30-45 minutes away) -- I really wasn't wanting to drive that far especially because I had to make it home in time for work!

Unfortunately I gave in to the Black Friday hype and I headed to Target with a few of my cousins. At Target I called up a tattoo parlor that seems to be SOMEWHAT new. I had done some Googling the night before to find one in the area that I hadn't heard any bad reviews from.

Now - I don't know if this was a totally good idea or not because I hadn't asked if anyone had actually been to this place. But I called and asked if they do clavicle piercings. And...... they do! So the guy asked me if I just wanted a surface or a dermal. NOW. This IS my FIRST piercing, other than my ear. I was real nervous. I have looked up before the difference between just a surface / dermal but I just wanted to hear from the piercer himself. Unfortunately he was only on his way to work so I had to call in 20 minutes later.

So we ditched Target. I called the tattoo parlor. I spoke to the guy that did piercings. I got a price quote ($35 for one. additional $20 for the second.)

This was SUCH a last minute idea I was so nervous, I didn't know how bad it would hurt.

As I pulled into the parking lot which was a one section lot with maybe 6 or so parking lots, I was real hesitant to go in. But, there was no backing out now! I'm a trooper. Ha! So I walk towards the door and I see a guy working on the shop still somewhat. Finally I get in and I take a deep breath and the guy who pierced me was there to greet me. I told him I was the one that had been calling them about the clavicle piercing but then quickly after I told him I was real nervous and I had to pee. Yeah, I actually said that. He showed me to the bathroom.

It was a pretty cute little parlor, looked like they were still working on it somewhat. I got out the bathroom and I walked back into the lobby-ish area, and he walked me over a few steps to the counter to ring me up. Unfortunately at this point I DIDN'T know about the $20 extra. AND -- I was unaware they only accept cash and all I had on me was a debit card. No worries, my cousin loaned me some cash. I filled out my quick paperwork and headed into the piercing room and stood there as he helped me decide how wide I wanted it. He introduced me to a real small surface bar at first, I kinda wanted it bigger. But I kept my mouth shut.

When he asked me where I wanted it I put my fingers on both sides of my collar bone and he goes, "Oh, you wanted two?" Ha! That's when I got introduced to the extra $20. Except, I had no cash on me. And my cousin only had another $10. No biggy, there was a bank/ATM down the street. My fault, I hadn't asked about that.

So, I get back, and I pay. I walk about into the room with him and boy am I nervous. I stood there like a nervous wreck. My cousin kept taking pictures. I asked him about the width, and he asked me if I wanted to just go wide right now rather than wait and do it later. I thought, why the hell not. So at this point he whips out all this stuff and starts wiping down my chest. The marker he used to mark up where the piercing would be felt like a sharp poke. Okay thats maybe an exaggeration but I was scared! He told me I'd be okay. Had me check to see if I liked the placement. And we looked and we stared and we made sure it wasn't all lopsided and such.

I smiled. I liked it. I was pleased. I liked the width. It still looked small just looking at the dots, so I was kinda iffy about it. But to hell with it, I'll just try it.

He had me lay on the bed and I clearly stated, if I laugh, it's cause I'm a bit hurt...... my cousin laughed at me when I told her. Ahhh, so I'm lying on the bed and he comes over and leans over me. Pinches my skin. Takes a few seconds. And I have learned that, when they say "take a deep breath" it means, they're going in for the kill. Ha! I really didn't wanna know. But he did it anyway. So I took a deep breath and all I felt was a poke. It really wasn't that bad but my nerves made me giggle like crazy but I had to hold it in, I didn't wanna mess him up or whatever.

HOWEVER -- the second one hurt more than the first but I was so quiet and steady I don't know what happened. I felt it more too. Haha. I guess I might have been thinking about it too much.

Overall, it was a good experience. The guy who pierced me, who, out of nervousness I had forgotten his name :S .. he did a fairly good job. He was friendly. And he was definitely helpful.

My piercing didn't hurt much afterwards, I mean, it was just awkward feeling having to adjust to how I move throughout the day.

I didn't swell, or anything. Nor was I red at all. I was definitely pleased with the overall results. Now I just hope the piercing will stay and that it won't reject. I will cry if it does reject. =(


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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