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My Rockin' Madison

My Rockin' Madison Piercing.

Okay, first of all, I am writing this story because there aren't many informational Madison piercing stories on BME; it isn't often heard of. This really is too bad, because it's a damn cool piercing. A Madison piercing is done with a surface bar, and is located parallel beneath the collarbone.

Here we go...

I was pondering getting a Madison because my collar bones are my 2nd favorite part of my body, after my hip bones. I have a thing for bones that stick out of the skin slightly. Most girls like their eyes, boobs, or butt; I love the areas where the bones stick out from underneath the skin. I already have stars tattooed next to my hip bones, so I figured I'd "metalize" my other favorite part of my body. Plus, no one I know has any idea what a Madison piercing is, or that you could even pierce this area of skin. I always want something different than anyone else has; I love being obscure and interesting, rather than "normal".

I am a piercing apprentice, but since my mentor Ron and I are between shops, my education is progressing slowly. Then Ron called me up one day and said he was starting at Ink and Iron, and he needs "guinea pigs" because he has to perform a number of piercings in front of the owners in order for them to see his expertise. I volunteered right away, saying we could do my regular industrial and my Madison. My best friend Courtney volunteered as well, getting her navel and eyebrow done.

About a week and a half ago, we went to Ink and Iron to meet Ron. I wasn't nervous at all, considering I have many piercings. We signed all the paperwork and let Ron set up; Courtney went first since mine would take longer. I did my industrial first, which was a redo and hurt like hell, then moved onto the Madison.

I took my shirt off, reassuring Ron that yes, I had a bra on, and let Ron make the marks along my collarbone. The regular Ink and Iron piercer was there to watch everything. I jumped up to look, and it looked sweet! He let me check out the jewelry, which was a regular 14g 1-inch surface bar with cubic zirconias on the balls. I immediately adored it. Now the hard part....this is a difficult area to clamp because the skin is very tight against the skeleton. Ron tried a set of regular clamps, and a pair of giant clamps, but in the end the regular Pennington clamps were used, because they had a tighter fit on the skin. So the skin is clamped and the needle is poised for insertion, I shut my eyes and...Ow! I felt a significant pinch, but nothing too outlandish in terms of pain. My industrial was way worse. Inserting the jewelry is always the worst part, and this time is no exception, especially because it is a surface bar. Ron said I could look at it, so I jumped up once more and was
immediately in lust with my new metal. It looked oddly dainty and girly against my collarbone, and the zirconias made it even cuter. It was like looking at an engagement ring for me, it was so beautiful.

Upon leaving the shop, we went to Walmart to get soap and bactene, and then to Burger King to refuel. We stopped at my mom's to show her our new metal, and my mom freaked out, asking why I had to get that. I only laughed and said "because it looks cool." This summer, when it's all healed (provided it doesn't reject) it's going to look fabulous when I wear my bikini and tank tops. Instant cute guy conversation starter!

Fast forward a week: my Madison is healing pretty well...the holes are still red, but it doesn't get very crusty the way most healing piercings do. The first couple days there was pain, but I took some extra strength midol (the best anti-inflammatory on the market, and awesome for healing piercings) and it went away. I clean it in the shower with Dial antibacterial soap, and with Bactene 2-3 times a day. Other than that I use the LITHA method, and everything seems to be on the up and up. Wearing clothes doesn't bother it, which I thought would be a problem, due to it being winter now and I wear a lot of layers. The Madison is also prone to rejection, more so than other surface piercings, because of the lack of skin to anchor the jewelry. This was Ron's first Madison piercing, and that made me want to write the story.

So to anyone wanting an oddball piercing, I recommend the Madison. It's cute, easily concealable, and interesting. Any questions, please email them to me. Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Ron+Hagmann
Studio: Ink+and+Iron
Location: Sioux+Falls%2C+SD

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