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Sternum Microdermals, Lovely and Painful

I jumped into an obsession with piercing feet first, pretty early on, after stumbling across BME. My first was a monroe the day after my fifteenth birthday, done by Sailor Cher at Fountain of Youth Tattoo in St. Augustine, FL. She went on to do my nostril and eyebrow. Eventually, they had to be taken out or were lost, and while I was sad, I felt like I needed to leave them out for the direction my life was taking. I didn't have the money to re-do them, had already had a disastrous self-piercing incident, and my look was slowly and unusually getting more conservative. I decided to just roll with it, and if my life brought me back around to getting piercings, then I would go with it. 

Three years went by. In that time, I got into modeling, joined ModelMayhem, and on my eighteenth birthday (November 12), I flew to Kansas City, Missouri. Among the ridiculous number of incredibly sweet, talented people was Des Moines piercer Heather LeStabbityDeath, IAM:TroubleKitten. We'd discussed doing a corset shoot, which was quickly agreed to be an awesome idea and I'd mentioned my desire to have my septum pierced. She jumped on it, and that was the idea we ran with until the day of the shoot. I told her how I'd always wanted microdermals, but hadn't really expected to ever be able to afford them or get the chance. After all, there weren't many piercers in St. Augustine and surrounding who did them, or that I trusted even if they did. I'd seen plenty of Heather's work, who'd also taught a microdermal seminar recently at Tattoo Voodoo, and trusted in her ability to make me all pretty. 

Her response was that she had three of the adorably small anchors in her piercing box (known as the Vagina Dentata) and they were unspoken for. I squeaked happily and told her I'd love two in my sternum. Further cementing the idea that she is just too cool for school, she grinned and said it was doable. 

After the shoot (which wrapped up around 4AM), we decided to just do it the following day, before my flight back to Florida. We got a good night's sleep and the next day, around noon, after a decent snack of cupcakes and Chex mix, set up in our friend Reed's apartment. 

Having just experienced sixteen surface piercings from Heather, I knew what to expect: that she would be quick, extremely clean, gentle, and quite thorough. I wasn't disappointed. She had me stand with my top off to mark the dots. The first marking was immaculate, and I immediately agreed. They were a bit high; the bottom is between the top of my breasts and the top is a bit less than an inch directly above it. I laid back down next to the paper liner on which she had the unopened, sterilised packets holding needles and jewelry. She squirted out a blob of lube and a blob of a cold steriliser, and slipped on her gloves. 

The entire time, she kept up a low commentary of what she was doing. She had me breathe (harder to do properly when you're not just waiting for the needle to go through). The bottom one was painful and took a few seconds that I spent wincing—it's nothing like the pain of an eyebrow or nostril piercing. The top was less painful, but my chest was already sore. It was a combination of pressure and a scratching feeling as she created the pocket for the foot of the anchor. 

They bled a good bit, but mostly it was just a dull ache and pressure when I breathed deeply. I was instantly in love, though. Heather told me to clean them much like a normal piercing, but NOT to try to get under them to clean up. As well, she advised me to wear band-aids over them at night, but unless they bled much, to leave them open during the day. 

For the rest of the day (which involved two flights), they ached a tad when I would breathe in. The bottom (bloodier) one got a nifty blood crust and the top lymphed a bit—when I soaked in a hot bath, they cleaned up nicely. I still need to get my hands on some H2Ocean; it was my favorite back in the day, and it's never changed for convenience. Plus, I'm fond of anything I can spray. 

This was yesterday. They got a bit gross over the course of the day, but (in lieu of a warm salt soak for now) a q-tip soaked in hot water does well to clean them. I've been avoiding touching them, bumping them, and letting handsy friends touch them. 

Was it painful? Yes, quite. Was it worth it? Yes, quite. And if you're ever in Des Moines, look up Heather at Lasting Impressions. Her professionalism and skill made an amazing set of piercings even better.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Location: Kansas+City%2C+MO

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