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Life and death of my cleavage microdermal

Several months ago, I went to my shop of choice for a tattoo, and was asked if I would be willing to participate in a class where a guest piercer would come in, and teach the current piercer at the shop how to do microdermals. I was all for it, since I had been contemplating getting my cleavage done but was unsure. For the opportunity to help out a friend I agreed. The plan was that the guest piercer, Steve, would do the first one, and then Jimbo, the resident shop piercer would attempt the second one.

The time came several weeks later and I made my way up to the shop for the class. I was so nervous, and we took our time getting ready and set up. The artists at the shop had all gotten different placements, and I would be the third class, and the first one on a woman. We agree on the method (punch and insert). We talked about the pain, the blood and the process to prepare me.

Finally we get into the room and Steve spends several minutes staring at my chest, deciding on the perfect placement. He marks me, and prepares the punch to create the pocket. He prepares himself, and tells me to take a deep breath. At this exact moment I begin to look around and realize that there are 11 people present to watch this...and Phil has the camera! In the room, we had me, Steve, 3 of the tattoo artists, the shop owner, the resident piercer, my boyfriend, a girl who's getting pierced after me and a couple that I have never met before. I'm nervous, but assume that its no big deal and let it go. On three, the punch goes in, and it's not painful. A little pinch, I breathe out, and it's over.

"This is the part where you're going to feel something he says,", and looks at me. He pinches up the jewelry, and gets ready for the insertion. I take another deep breath, and reach for my boyfriend's hand to prepare myself. The camera is right over my chest, and my skin seems to be slipping right out of Steve's fingers. I wasn't sure how he was going to manage to pinch it up, hold it, and keep the pocket stable while he inserted the jewelry. My fears proved true when, after several minutes of me whining, holding my breath and being very uncomfortable, he puts down the jewelry and picks up a needle (!!!) telling me that he's got to make the pocket deeper, as the jewelry wasn't going in evenly.

While he is piercing, pulling, pushing, spinning and tugging on my chest, I am unable to see anything. I feel a lot of pressure, stinging, burning, and just pain in general. On the second go round of inserting the jewelry, I decide there will be no second one, and say so to both piercers. After three attempts and re-pocketing, the jewelry finally goes in with three napkins full of blood, and a lot of whining from me. The pain was bad, but it wasn't the piercing. It was the pressure and pinching involved in manipulating the skin. After we're done, I sit up, and take a look at my new addition. IT'S PERFECT and I was in love. I take my time getting ready to go, receive my aftercare instructions (sea salt packs- sea salt on a napkin hold it on for 3 minutes 2 x a day for three days, then LITHA) and I'm off to enjoy my beautiful new piercing. I was so proud of my lovely little jewel.

The first night, it was really difficult to find a comfortable way to sleep and the salt pack wasn't as soothing as I thought. I wake up the next morning and do the salt pack, which doesn't remove any of the grime. I let it go, and continue on my day. Later that evening, while admiring my perfect jewel, I notice that it seems to be off center, and sitting closer to my left breast than my right. When I reach forward, and my cleavage is its biggest, it sits completely on my left breast. I figure it off to swelling and leave it alone. The salt packs continue for the next couple of days, and finally, the puss begins.

By day 3, my dermal is pussing, gross, and swollen. It's beginning to feel hot and unsettled, and I start to get nervous. I switch to using a sea salt soak, to try to clean it more thoroughly, and let it dry out before putting my bra on each morning. On day 6, I call the piercer and let him know whats going on. He tells me to decrease the salt usage, and step up the LITHA. He also suggests that I wear a bra that decreases cleavage since between my large breasts (34 G), he feels it may be suffocating.

At day 8, I decide that I want to plan to remove my dermal, but can't make it up there until that Saturday, and this is a Monday. I decide to continue to keep it clean and dry, and leave it alone. By Wednesday, the top of the jewel is beginning to sink beneath my skin and is looking uneven. I start to get nervous, and I am not sure what to do. I cant make it to the piercer as it's raining and the creeks, rivers and streams have flooded the roads. The dermal is getting red and gross around it.

It's finally SATURDAY, and I take my tender, swollen chested self up to Lucky Draw to have out the dermal. Jimbo lays me down on the table, grabs the jewel holders, and a scalpel and off we go. He finally gets a hold of the jewel, and wiggles it around, searching for the smaller foot of the piece. With only a small cut and no pain, the dermal pops out, and I feel instant relief. He cleans me up and out we go. I even got to keep the jewelry.

His suspicion was confirmed, my big breasts had suffocated my beautiful little jewel. I was so upset to see it gone, but made plans that day to have a total of six done on the tops of my breast, not in my cleavage, so that they are more noticeable. It's been 6 weeks since the removal, and the scar is minimal. I am so excited to get my newer ones, and believe that without my taut skin and large breasts, the piercing would have been much easier going in, and lasted. All in all, I would recommend the dermal to anyone thinking about it, as long as you have considered and reconsidered the placement! It's a beautiful work of art, and something that really sets apart your modifications.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2009
in Surface & Unusual Piercing

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Artist: Steven
Studio: Guest+Piercer+at+Lucky+Draw+Ink
Location: Hiram%2C+GA

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